Britax roemer baby car seat: comparison & recommendations

The Britax Romer baby car seat is next to Maxi Cosi or Kiddy one of the most popular and most famous baby car seats. You have expensive models with a lot of extras, but also cheaper variants, the offer a lot Can. Compared to other baby carriers, they have a relatively large selection. To be exact in the range are six baby car seats. The price is on average at ca. 170 €.

Britax Romer is a German company, whose seat is in Leipheim. Founded in the year 1978 from Rainer Stabler. Currently working worldwide ca. 1200 employees in the company. You are manufacturer of Child safety. Whether child car seats, infant carriers or strollers. They are popular because of the high quality baby seats.

But which Britax Romer baby car seat is now the best of all? This question is just. All models are quite different. The one offers more and is more expensive, the other again favorable, but less extras. We will help you to find the right Britax Romer baby seat for you. With our model comparison, tips and price comparisons you will easily reach the right decision.

Britax Romer baby car seat: All 3 models at a glance

Although Britax Romer exactly six baby car seats has available, we will present them three baby seats. This is due to the fact that a model is again divided into four different baby shells, although it is the same model range is. This is the Britax Romer Baby-Safe, it is divided into Baby-Safe Plus II, Baby-Safe Plus SHR II and Baby-Safe I Size. We will give them from the four models only the Baby-Safe Plus SHR II introduce. This is the best selling Britax Romer baby car seat. Altogether now in the further process these Britax Romer baby car seats compare:

  • Baby-Safe Plus SHR II
  • Dualfix
  • Max-Fix II

Britax Romer Baby-Safe Plus SHR II infant carrier

This model is one of the best selling Britax Romer baby car seats that are available on the market. With a price of approx. 130 € it is in the middle price range. Compared to other models, the price is still relatively cheap. It is Very light and is therefore ideal in the hand. Their item weight is ca. 4,7 kg. This is surprising, because at first glance, it makes the impression that the baby seat is very heavy. But this is the opposite.

Furthermore it has a very simple design. Not too flashy, but also nothing special. The compatibility with the Romer Baby Safe SHR 2 Isofix Base and Belted Base has also been noticed positively. Not only with the Britax Romer Isofix Base, but also with an Britax stroller or other matching strollers this model is compatible. Especially is the airplane certification. Compared to other brands, this extra was not considered. The backrest is also multiple adjustable. It allows them a flat lying position. At the “Britax Romer baby car seat test” you can even read the different test reports of the Foundation product test and ADAC view.

Britax Romer baby car seat BABY-SAFE PLUS SHR II

type Low Class
brand Britax Romer
Price 100 – 200 €
Item weight 4,7 Kg
Age recommendation 0 – 15. month of life
Isofix attachment Yes
harness system 3-point harness
Features with one hand operation

* Price was last updated on 9. November 2017 updated at 15:15

Britax Romer Dualfix car seat

The Britax Romer Dualfix belongs to the infant car seat group 0+/1. a baby car seat, but also a Child car seat. Strictly speaking, more like a child car seat. It is backward usable for newborns from birth – 18 kg. After that, the forward movement is from 9 kg- 18 kg. In the end, the Britax Romer baby car seat or. use the car seat longer. Compared to ordinary baby car seats a longer period where the Dualfix can be used. In return it also costs much more. With ca. 370 € it is in the upper price range. Despite all this you should not forget the included Britax Romer Isofix Base. This would normally about. 100€ cost. Therefore the somewhat high price is justified.

Due to the function of 360-degree turning function they can easily decide for themselves when to change the position of their child from rear-facing to forward-facing. With the 90 degree rotation they can easily put their child in it. They are much faster at it and it is much easier than if you have to pay attention to belt guides. Since there is a newborn insert with in the scope of delivery, newborns can also use this model as described earlier. Furthermore, the Dualfix offers a Very high security. Due to the side impact protection with special shoulder pads and Anti-tip system their child is optimally protected against accidents. By the 5-point harness system the safety is increased again. It is not for nothing that it has been rated well by the various testing institutions.

Britax Romer car seat DUALFIX

Type High Class
brand Britax Romans
Price over 200 €
Item weight 13 Kg
Age recommendation 0 – 4 years
Isofix fastening Yes
belt system 5-point harness
Features adjustable seat positions

* Price was last updated on 9. November 2017 updated at 15:13

Britax Romer Max-Fix II baby car seat

The Britax Romer baby car seat resp. Car seat Max-Fix 2 is identical to the Dualfix. Both belong to the child group 0+/1. This means as a customer, that these models are suitable from birth to 4. can be used from the first year of life. A much longer service life. You save much more money, because you have baby shell and car seat in one product. Negative with this model is the Item weight. It is equipped with 12 kg quite heavy. In turn, it is not used like a conventional infant carrier. Since it is only attached in the car, the weight does not matter for one or the other.

Overall, it is almost identical to the Dualfix. The only differences are the color choice and the swivel function. Compared to the Dualfix, the Max-Fix 2 has only two colors, the Dualfix has six colors. In addition, the Max-Fix 2 does not have the Rotation function. No matter if 360 degrees or 90 degrees. Nevertheless, the Max-Fix 2 is a little cheaper. Ultimately, it is a few extras that distinguish the Max-Fix 2 and Dualfix.

Britax Romer car seat, Max-Fix II, reboarder group 0+/1 (birth, 9 kg), collection 2015, Stone Grey

Type High Class
Brand Britax Romans
Price over 200 €

* Price was last updated on 27. January 2018 updated at 14:20

Overall conclusion and customer reviews of the Britax Romer baby car seat

Britax Romer has not only normal baby car seats, but also so-called Reboard seats. This is a baby car seat and car seat in one. Since they have both variants in the range, there are also many customer reviews. Comparatively, the Osann baby car seats have very few customer reviews. When you read through the various reviews of the respective Britax Romer baby car seats, you immediately notice the more positive as negative feedbacks are included. This is also justified, because it is all very high quality products.

Positively noticed by most customers the Fabric. It is said to be very qualitative and quite easy to wash. Furthermore surprised the Upholstery. It offers a lot of safety and is very comfortable. According to customer reviews, the children felt very comfortable in the seat. At first sight it has everyone because impression of Stability and Safety given. This impression has remained to this day. The only negative criticisms were the headrest and the lack of a carry handle on the reboarder seats. The Headrest is very flat and small. Also, most lack the normal carry handle on reboard seats. Logically, they do not have one, as they are not normal baby carriers. Strictly speaking Car seats.

In summary, the Britax Romer baby car seats resp. Car seats comparable to Maxi Cosi, Kiddy or Cybex. Britax Romer pays a lot of attention Safety and a careful manufacturing. They offer products in the lower, as well as in the upper price category. There is something for everyone if it is to be a Britax Romer baby car seat.

We hope that the ” Baby car seat test “ could help you

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