Breadmaker test or. overview of the best models 2022 – current models in comparison!

Breadmaker test 2017 - current models in comparison!

All gourmets know that not all bread is the same. But not only gourmets can recognize the differences in taste between fresh bread from the bakery, homemade bread and industrially produced bread. Perhaps you also want to do something good for your family and Bread freshly baked from now on. Or you want to buy a bread machine, because you suffer from various intolerances and bread from the supermarket or from the bakery therefore unfortunately not tolerate. Finally, not only are there bread maker recipes that are gluten-free, but they can also opt for a special Breadmaker gluten-free opt for gluten-free bread. If you want to bake bread yourself, you are definitely at the right address here. For the bread maker test shows you what is crucial when buying such a household appliance and what else you should know.

What type of breadmaker are you looking for?

Breadmaker test 2021 / 2022

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Why should you buy a breadmaker?

Breadmaker test 2017 - current models in comparison!

The bread maker test has shown that there are many reasons to buy a bread maker baking machine. Maybe you just love to cook or bake or want to give a passionate hobby cook a breadmaker from Unold as a gift. The Preference for fresh food, prepared their own bread, is of course an excellent reason to buy a breadmaker. However, there are other reasons for buying such a device. After all, thanks to the various bread maker recipes, you can control yourself which ingredients end up in your bread.

If you bake bread yourself, you can be sure that this is not full of artificial preservatives. Even if you can buy such healthy bread in the supermarket or at your local organic market, this is often very expensive. In comparison, you can make healthy bread, which is well digestible for your whole family, with a bread maker often much cheaper. This is especially true if you have the necessary Stock up on ingredients in large quantities. This way you keep full control over the ingredients and can avoid possible allergens. Finally, you can make the following breads yourself with your bread maker with ease:

  • Wholemeal bread
  • Rye bread
  • Spelt bread
  • Protein bread
  • Bread without gluten
  • Bread with sourdough
  • White bread
  • Bread rolls
  • cakes (not possible with all appliances)
  • Zucchini bread
  • Turnip bread
  • Vegetable bread
  • Banana bread

In addition, there are more and more people who Do not tolerate cereals at all. Also for these people a bread maker is quite interesting.

Tip! Finally, you can certainly use a Unold bread maker or a Panasonic bread maker to bake bread from corn flour, potato starch, almond flour, other nut flours, as well as tapioca starch, sometimes. Thus, even people who actually do not tolerate bread at all, can enjoy this again. For the sake of health, a breadmaker is therefore a good choice in many cases.

What types of bread makers are there?

We have made for you on the search for the bread maker test winner. Because not all bread machines are the same. So not only are there significant differences between a Panasonic bread maker and a Clatronic bread maker, but the well-known manufacturers all offer different models. Before you buy a breadmaker from Unold or Klarstein, you should first get an overview of the different types of breadmakers overview of the different types of devices. In our categories, we go into these devices in more detail, of course, so that you can inform yourself extensively. Basically, however, you have to choose a bread machine from the following list:

  • Breadmaker without hole
  • Bread machine with retractable dough hooks
  • Breadmaker with 2 kneading cycles
  • baking machine for gluten-free baking
  • Breadmaker with automatic ingredient dispenser
  • Small breadmaker

Important criteria from the bread maker test

Incidentally, there are not only different bread makers, which were built differently accordingly, but you should not lose sight of a number of important criteria when buying such a device. Because it is often only small differences in the features or settings of your bread maker, which decide whether you are satisfied with the device or not. In the bread maker test, it was therefore not only important to us how sensibly the instructions of the devices were designed. Because some bread makers are not quite so Easy to operate, so that a well understandable operating instructions is a must. These instructions should show you, for example, when you should add which ingredients to the dough.

In addition, not all bread makers come with a recipe book either, although this is desirable. Because so you can start immediately and do not have to search first for a recipe for a bread dough from whole grains. Finally, if the bread maker manufacturers make a recommendation to that effect, you can benefit from the fact that the recipe is based on the Special features The breadmaking process is adapted to the particular breadmaker and you will certainly succeed, as long as you follow all the instructions. In the search for the bread maker test winner, our testers were also able to determine that these criteria are also important:

Tip: If you want to bake your own bread for a large family, you should definitely opt for the largest possible breadmaker. For a single household, on the other hand, a small appliance is perfectly sufficient. When choosing the appropriate capacity, you should consider how quickly you can later consume the fresh bread. Bread tastes best when it is freshly baked and not so many days old.

Other criteria:

  • the design/ the look
  • the material processing (type of material and processing quality)
  • the price-performance ratio

The above factors not only determine how easy it is to operate your new bread maker. Rather, there are also significant differences in the taste of the bread, which you can bake with such a device itself.

Breadmakers with different dough hooks

Especially this aspect is very important when buying a bread maker. Whether you want a bread maker with retractable dough hooks or a Breadmaker with 2 dough hooks interested, you should keep the following information as far as possible in the back of the head. In most bread makers, the dough hooks or other elements for kneading the bread dough remain in the dough and can only be removed after baking. This will result in your bread ending up with a hole in the appropriate place. If you are looking for such Holes If you don’t want to disturb your guests, because you don’t want to serve bread with unsightly holes at the next brunch, then a breadmaker without holes is the right choice.

Tip! With such a breadmaker you can remove the dough hooks before the bread dough is baked to the finished bread. In addition, both the tests of Stiftung Warentest and our test reports have shown that we can recommend an appliance with two beaters or dough hooks. These should be able to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. Because only in this way can you ensure that even a heavy bread dough is kneaded evenly, so that the finished bread then also tastes as you had hoped for.

The price comparison must be!

Our experience also shows that you do very well when you compare the prices of different bread makers. Because a Panasonic breadmaker can sometimes be much cheaper or much more expensive than the device of another manufacturer to have in the store. Whether Lidl, Aldi, Media Markt, Saturn or eBay, the offer is huge. If you want to buy a high-quality bread maker cheap, but not only the price of the device itself and the cost of shipping count. Rather, you should focus on the price-performance ratio and also check which breadmaker can offer you what at what price. In this context, it is also important to check to what extent spare parts are available for the respective device. Although High quality bread maker robustly processed, it may well happen that your bread maker will break at some point. If you can then simply repair it using the appropriate spare parts, instead of having to buy a new appliance at full price, that is of course an advantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a breadmaker

  • Do you love warm, delicious, crusty bread? So do we! Therefore, we suggest you a bread maker, with which you can bring the luxury of a bakery in your own home.
  • Tiresome kneading of the dough ade: let instead the dough hooks of the device take over the tiresome work.
  • Despite the modern technology, the handling and use of a bread maker is very simple: add ingredients, select program, wait, enjoy.
  • Speaking of ingredients: Even if the name suggests it, you can bake with such a device not only bread. Cakes, pizza dough and even yogurt can also be made with many models.
  • The best thing about it: you can decide which flavors, substances and additives are used – or not. Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from the ability to bake gluten-free bread without much effort.
  • The selection of bread recipes that are available in baking books and on the Internet is enormous.
  • Do you want warm, fresh bread for breakfast?? Then opt for a model with a timer function, which allows you to pre-program the start of the baking process.
  • Even if the initial costs seem high at first glance, you will save enormously if you use it regularly, because a breadmaker consumes less electricity than a conventional oven.
  • If the dough hooks are not (can not) be removed, they leave unsightly traces in the bread.

Best bread maker – these are the brands we recommend

Whether it may be a breadmaker gluten-free for gluten-free bread or a breadmaker without a hole, finally we would like to make a recommendation regarding the available brands. Whether Kenwood, Severin or Gastroback and WMF, these are some of the brands we can recommend when buying a breadmaker. Fortunately, the list of brands that did very well in our test have, very long, so for every budget should be able to find the right bread machine. Therefore, while you are doing the price comparison, if possible, you should focus on the following branded devices and compare the bread machine offer of these manufacturers at your leisure:

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