Bmw’s theater screen for the new 7 Series

BMW’s theater screen for the new 7 Series Amazon’s in-car cinema on the road in the luxury class

Rear-seat passengers in the new BMW 7 Series can enjoy the drive-in cinema as soon as they arrive: On a huge 8K touch display with Amazon content.

CES is actually all about classic consumer electronics such as smartphones, televisions or vacuum cleaning robots. For some years now, however, car manufacturers have also discovered the trade show in Las Vegas for themselves and present their electronic means of enjoyment there. Fittingly, this year BMW is offering exclusive glimpses of their luxury-class flagship, which is not due to be launched until the end of the year.

BMW 7 Series Erlkonig

Although those responsible are trying hard to deny that the new 7 Series is the technical basis, at the latest when we take a seat in the completely camouflaged car, it is clear that this must be it, the new 7 Series.

8-K touch display from above

The special feature, however, besides the ample, but class-standard space and the very comfortable seats, is the rear-seat entertainment called Theater-Screen. While rear-seat passengers have so far mostly had a small screen in front of each of their noses, the BMW luxury class will in future feature a large screen that can be extended from the (roof) sky, or more precisely: a 31-inch 8K touchscreen in 32:9 format with 5G connectivity, HD webcam, 128 GB memory, Bluetooth headphones and smartphone-sized touch remote controls in the door, which can also be used to operate the theater screen in a relaxed reclining position.

BMW Theater Screen

Anyone who now thinks that work is to be done there is wrong. Instead of integrating calendars, e-mail or even Excel and PowerPoint, BMW has brought tech giant Amazon on board to provide entertainment. The future 7 Series will have everything on board that the Amazon Fire TV stick has in store for the TV at home: the Prime video platform, DAZN sports streaming and a whole host of games available from the Amazon app store. More than 30 loudspeakers are also designed to provide a cinematic experience. Two of them are housed in the rear seats and are supposed to generate so-called 4D sound with their basses, thus enhancing the cinema feeling.

No view to the rear

Speaking of emotions: How the driver feels when the Oscar winners flicker across the screen in the back is questionable. Because apart from the sound it has nothing of the cinema experience. In addition, the display completely blocks the view through the rearview mirror. Although the driver is supposed to be able to retract the screen quickly at the touch of a button, it is doubtful that this will be fast enough in everyday use.

But it’s not just the driver who may have problems with the size of the display. To prevent rear traffic from being distracted or blinded, BMW has woven the rear window privacy screen a bit tighter once again. As soon as the monitor extends, it unrolls automatically.


With more than a video call function, the Theater Screen will hardly enrich the working day in the back seat of the new 7 Series. Maybe that’s just as well. Because the mobile screen will not be compliant with the data protection guidelines of most companies anyway.

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