Bluetooth speaker as a radio replacement in the car?

Listen to podcasts or music on the road in the car. If you have a car that is reasonably modern, you can usually connect directly to the car radio with Bluetooth. Or you have at least a jack input. If the car is older you are usually out of luck. A new radio can be installed, but this is either a lot of effort or associated with corresponding costs. Also, more and more manufacturers have gone to the radios are not quite standard design.

Therefore, we deal today with the question of whether it is not also possible with an inexpensive Bluetooth box, which is simply placed in the car, to “retrofit” the car accordingly.

OKAT Small -speaker, mini speaker plug

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Entatial portable speaker, RGB lights

  • Superior sound quality: offer amazing sound with enhanced bass, tight.
  • Long transmission distance: The transmission distance of ca. 10 m varies depending on environmental factors.
  • Long battery life: The wireless outdoor speaker is built into a high-quality battery and.

The Hardware

In my test three different speakers are used. Two models from Aukey and one device from Anker. In general, several questions arise before use. The first: how do I place the speaker so that it stands safely and does not fly through the car at the next braking maneuver. Here you should think about accordingly and fix the speaker depending on the possibilities accordingly.

The second is how good is the quality and how well does the volume hold up against engine noise.

The three candidates

Three different sizes are used in the test. A small outdoor speaker from Aukey, a likewise small roaring cube from Anker and a slightly larger model from Aukey. With all three models, the phone connects automatically as soon as it connects in range. Cumbersome manual pairing of devices is something you don’t want to do by hand in the car every morning.
All devices can be charged via Micro-USB. In conjunction with a car USB charger, the thing can be charged on the go.

Aukey Outdoor Speaker

Let’s start with the smallest model. The outdoor speaker from Aukey (review). It is a little smaller than a beverage can. The idea is that you simply place it in a coffee cup holder in the car. There it is placed reasonably safe. If it does cone out, at least the rubberized outer shell will protect it. As the smallest in the bunch, the question is how it does so while driving. Comes out enough sound? The answer is: it depends. It does quite well, for podcasts it is sufficient. With music, however, you have to accept some sacrifices. Lack of volume here. It can stand up to the engine noise, even if you have to turn it up really high.

Even though you can listen to music without any problems, I would rather recommend this variant for podcasts. The advantage: the thing is small and compact and can be stored in the cup holder. The low price of 13 euros also speaks for the device.

Anker A7908 Bluetooth Speaker Boombox

The device from Anker (
Test report) also belongs to the small roaring cube category. Due to the quadrangular shape, it can be placed in the middle tray in my car, between the gearshift and the handbrake. There it stands then also quite surely. The sound quality is better than the small Aukey role, but even here you notice the limitations bzgl. the size. Podcasts and audio books, which consist only of speech, work quite well. For music, the volume is also missing here. Here, too, the favorable price of 33 meets the buyer’s needs.

Aukey SK-S1 Bluetooth Speaker

The third and largest speaker in the bunch is the Aukey SK-S1 (review) speaker. The size promises much better sound and music enjoyment, but also confronts the user with the question of where to place the thing safely in the car. The ideal place is my car directly under the center console. But without additional attachment it does not work here. Otherwise, the danger is too great that it flies through the area when cornering or braking. I would offer here a strong Velcro tape or double-sided adhesive tape, whereby the latter connects the thing rather permanently with the car.

In my car I preferred the place in the glove compartment for this reason. There it stands quite securely, but the sound doesn’t come from the center as well. As the largest and with 43 euros also the most expensive model in the test, it also delivers the best results. Podcasts and music, both sound good, have decent volume and also an audible bass. Even if here is true: to the built-in speakers of the car it does not come close.


Can you “retrofit” the car with a Bluetooth speaker? The answer is in principle yes. However, you should think about what you want in advance. If you want to listen to podcasts on the go, a small roaring cube is sufficient in case of doubt. If you want to listen to music, you should go for something larger, provided there is space to place the speaker safely. Here one should direct its largest attention from it: safe placement. Nothing is worse than a loudspeaker that flies around and in the worst case blocks the brake.

At least the models tested here don’t come close to the built-in speakers of the car. Who has the possibility to retrofit the car with a Bluetooth radio and does not shy away from the effort, drives proverbially better with it. Otherwise, as the test shows, you have the possibility to quickly retrofit the car with an audio playback option via Bluetooth. Perfect for cars that you don’t know how long you’ll be driving them.

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