Bluetooth handsfree – play music from your smartphone in your car

If you want to listen to more than just radio or CDs in the car, you can also play your music from your smartphone. We use Amazon Music on our smartphones and play the music at home via Bluetooth speakers or our AV receiver.

In my car, I can pair my smartphone with the multimedia system via Bluetooth and use lots of other functions besides listening to music. In our other car, there is no Bluetooth interface to the radio and music from the smartphone can only be made via a cable connection (3.5 mm jack plug).

The connection via the cable worked very well, but it was not possible to use a handsfree to make phone calls with it. In the meantime the cable connection doesn’t work anymore and we had to think of another way to play music from the smartphone in the car and use a handsfree kit.

Bluetooth handsfree incl. Music streaming

Making phone calls in the car without handsfree is not allowed and represents an additional risk in my eyes. The use of a headset is allowed and can be used. Most of the time, however, we have the headset in the glove box and when a call comes in, the headset is not connected to the smartphone. If you don’t want to miss the call, pick up the phone without using the headset. This problem can be avoided with a practical handsfree device.

Cell phone holder

In order to operate the smartphone properly, I would recommend a phone mount for the car. If you use the smartphone for navigation, a cell phone holder is almost unavoidable. Most models are glued to the windshield or attached to the ventilation grilles. Both were out of the question for us. The mounts for the air vents didn’t seem stable enough to me and the suction cups leave marks on the windshield.

Advanced Layout Editorabout:blankEnter title hereBluetooth handsfree – play music from your smartphone in the car

Since we don’t use the CD slot in our car anymore or only rarely, we bought a cell phone holder for the CD slot.

No products found.

We are very satisfied with the holder. It fits beautifully in the CD slot and can be attached and detached in a flash. The smartphone sits firmly and does not wobble. The operation of the smartphone is possible without problems. With such a holder it depends of course on where the CD slot is installed. The position with our radio is optimal. The phone is in a very good viewing angle and can be operated excellently. With a windshield mount we feel the handling is not so practical.

We use the holder with a Samsung S8. It is also suitable for other smartphones ( iPhones, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, Sony& GPS devices etc.) designed. The width of the holder is adjusted by a spring mechanism to the respective phone. The sides are padded with a rubber, so that no scratches or damage to the smartphone occur. Through a ball joint, the phone can be locked in all positions. Landscape or portrait format is not a problem.

Bluetooth handsfree

We realized the Bluetooth handsfree via an FM transmitter. The smartphone is connected via Bluetooth with the FM transmitter, which establishes the connection to the radio via a FM frequency.

The setup and installation is done very quickly. About the preset frequency (FM 108.0) the connection to the car radio can be established. To do this, you only need to set the frequency FM 108 in your car radio.0 save. The connection with the Bluetooth handsfree and the car radio works now. If your smartphone is connected to the handsfree via Bluetooth, you can make calls and hear the caller through the radio. I would describe the voice quality as good. On the remote station the called party can be clearly understood. The Bluetooth connection between the handsfree and the smartphone is automatically established as soon as the car is started and Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone.

With the cell phone button you can accept or reject calls. The handsfree also offers a charging and USB port, an FM tuner, aux in and out. It allows you to stream your music from your smartphone directly to the car speakers via the FM radio. MP3 players or smartphones can also be connected to the radio via an aux port.

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Am super satisfied with the holder. Had to before always had which with suction cup for the windshield, which have always totally wobbled or constantly fell off. However, this sits super stable in the CD compartment and is very practical by the 360 degree adjustment of the ball joint. It is also nice that nothing interferes with the field of vision through the window.

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