Bluetooth fm transmitter: how to stream from your phone to any car radio

Listen to the current favorite song in the car and sing along: Especially in a vehicle of an older model year, this is often not so easy at all. A Bluetooth FM transmitter can provide a remedy here. We’ll show you how!

Bluetooth FM transmitter comparison

Connect the smartphone with any car radio – no problem with a Bluetooth FM transmitter! Photo: Petko Ninov / iStock

What is a Bluetooth FM transmitter?

Even if a car is only a few years old and in good shape: At the latest with the HiFi system shows its true age. Because the Entertainment technology in vehicles designed for many years of use, it is difficult to keep up with the rapid developments in the multimedia sector.

After the phases of the cassette adapter with AUX connection and the retrofitted, colorfully illuminated USB radios, one model has proven itself in recent years: of the Bluetooth FM transmitters. This device is the ideal interface between your current smartphone and your aging car radio.

Depending on the model, the transmitter picks up the audio signal played on the smartphone via Bluetooth, jack plug or USB interface and transmits it like a sort of Mini radio transmitter üvia a free FM frequency to your car radio. So you can enjoy your favorite playlists or podcasts while driving quite relaxed!

Comparison: FM transmitters at a glance

Most common FM transmitters with Bluetooth function are connected to the Cigarette lighter connected. This guarantees not only a stable hold, but also a secure power supply.

Although the transmitters do not differ fundamentally in their main function, there are still a few things to keep in mind. In addition to the question of how many other connection options there are, the main thing to decide is whether you want a transmitter in the form of a one-piece plug or with a separate control unit Selects.

Simple Bluetooth FM transmitter

Good and cheap: The common FM transmitters with Bluetooth are just this big like a credit card. But in this small area they already bundle Lots of features:

  • Connectivity with the smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0
  • Connection for USB storage medium
  • Slot for MicroSD or TF card (depending on model)
  • USB port with fast charging function (depending on model)
  • AUX input (depending on model)
  • Hands-free function
  • Display with indication of the frequency

Important: With these simple models you must note that there is no separate shutdown function. To prevent the transmitter from transmitting and consuming power, you must unplug it from the cigarette lighter after every trip.

Cocoda Bluetooth FM transmitter

The Bluetooth FM transmitter from Cocoda is one of the absolute bestseller. At an affordable price, it offers two USB ports (one suitable for recognizing storage media), a MicroSD or. TF card slot and a speakerphone with a handy button.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Wireless Radio Car Receiver

ZeaLife C57

The FM transmitter ZeaLife C57 is also very popular. Like the Bovon T25, it also offers a hands-free function with answer button and two USB ports, one of which is suitable for connecting a storage medium. The other also has a fast charging function for current smartphones. Not on board are card slot or AUX connection.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Radio Transmitter QC3.0 Car Wireless 64GB USB Stick

NULAXY Bluetooth FM transmitter

The NULAXY Bluetooth FM transmitter combines the best of Bovon T25 and ZeaLife C57: the transmitter offers two USB ports, one of which is for fast charging. Reading data from USB stick or MicroSD or TF card also works, just like the hands-free function. Voice control via Siri and Google Assistant is also supported. A LED lighting with seven colors is also on board.

NULAXY Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Bluetooth Adapter Car with 7 Color LED

ZeaLife Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The new ZeaLife Bluetooth FM transmitter is indeed equipped with a wide range of features that are almost identical to the NULAXY model. Quick charge function, reading data from USB stick or MicroSD- resp.-TF card, hands-free function as well as voice control are on board and even a seven-color LED illumination.

ZeaLife FM Transmitter Bluetooth Adapter Car, QC3.0 Radio Transmitter Car

Bluetooth FM transmitter with separate control unit

Somewhat more expensive FM transmitters usually offer a control unit separate from the plug and a Plus Features – such as AUX connection. We show you three particularly recommendable models!

Sonru Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitter

Sonru’s Bluetooth FM transmitter consists of a simple plug for the cigarette lighter and a control panel, which are connected with a ca. 1.1m long cable connected. The panel can be clicked onto the air vents or attached via the included stand can be fixed on the dashboard. So you have the transmitter constantly in view!

In addition to music playback and hands-free function via Bluetooth can also USB port, card slot and AUX input serve as a source. One of the two USB ports has a fast charging function.

Clydek FM transmitter

Like Sonru’s model, the Clydek FM transmitter has a control panel that can be mounted either on the air vents or on the dashboard. Hands-free, card slot and AUX input are also present, as well as USB ports for reading data and with fast charging function.

IAAOSwIRlhEkBB/s-l225.jpg” alt=”Clydek FM Transmitter Car, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless car radio adapter with QC3.0″ />

Particularly outstanding at the transmitter of the Clydek is the Large display with playback indicator, on which can also be set different sound modes. In addition, the device can be operated not only via Siri and Google Assistant, but also using the supplied remote control.

How does an FM transmitter work?

An FM transmitter as an adapter optionally and depending on the model either via Bluetooth, AUX input or USB interface takes the songs, podcasts or audiobooks played on the smartphone and transmits them üabout a free FM frequency to the radio.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about bothering other drivers: Your mini radio station transmits maximum on a Range of 30 meters, but rarely makes it beyond the car body at all.

Especially outside of urban areas, this technology works very reliably. In urban areas, where many radio stations on various frequencies vie for the favor of the listeners, it can possibly result in Üoverlays come. Therefore, it is best to select frequencies at the lower or upper end of the frequency range- these are usually free!

Are the devices allowed by law?

The legislator allows the use of FM transmitters since 2006. Condition: The product used must be CE marked and must not exceed 50 watts of transmitting power.

Are all devices suitable for any car?

The advantage of this type of Bluetooth FM transmitter is that it is Can be used in almost any car. AUX connection, USB interface, cassette deck all these connections and accesses are not needed for this purpose. All that is required is the cigarette lighter, which serves as the power source and of course an FM car radio.

Which features to choose in FM transmitter?

Any Bluetooth FM transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter serves the most important purpose: it connects your smartphone via Bluetooth and FM signal with the car radio. Über useful USB charging functions and Hands-free devices is also available in almost all models.

Whether you need additional functions is a matter of taste. If you mainly use streaming services, you won’t need a card and USB slot through which you can play stored music. A AUX connection can be handy if your smartphone tends to have a shaky Bluetooth connection.

Conclusion: When is it worth buying an FM transmitter??

Buying a car FM transmitter is worthwhile for those who want to listen to the latest songs and podcasts while driving, whose car radio, however, does not have Bluetooth or AUX connectivity.

A Bluetooth FM transmitter can bridge the gap for just a few euros and does its job extremely reliably transmit. Inexpensive and simple models in particular usually fit inconspicuously into the center console and avoid additional cable clutter.

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