Blue light report for ennepetal, 28.01.2022: oil spill and traffic accident

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Current police report: Traffic accident (photo)


Oil spill and traffic accident

On 28.01.2022 the fire department Ennepetal was alerted to 3 operations.

At 08:05 a.m. to an oil slick that stretched along Loher Strasse, Wilhelmshoher Strasse and Holthauser Talstrasse. A specialist company was called in to take care of the contamination and correct disposal. The fire department secured the scene of the incident with warning signs.The mission ended for the 5 firefighters on the auxiliary fire engine at 09:27 clock.

At 11:49 went to another oil spill, this was on the Kolnerstr. in the direction of Schwelm. Also there a specialized company was called in for the removal and disposal. The scene of the accident was secured by the fire department with warning signs. The operation ended for the fire department at 12:15 p.m.

At 15:41 clock there was a traffic accident with a car and a moto wheel on the L699. The road was closed for the time of the operation. The fire department assisted with patient care, secured the accident site, spread leaking operating fluids and provided fire protection. The fire department 1 and the main station of the fire department Ennepetal were deployed.The mission ended for the 16 firefighters at 5:05 p.m.

This message was published on 28.01.2022, 01:19 hrs transmitted by the Ennepetal fire department.

Accident statistics and casualties in road traffic in the last 3 years

In the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia there were in the year 2020 of a total of 54.250 road traffic accidents with personal injury 430 fatalities and 66.680 injured. A slight downward trend can be seen in the number of traffic accidents recorded by the police throughout Germany in recent years. Thus, in 2020, a total of 2.245.245 accidents in Road traffic recorded, on the other hand, in 2019 2.685.661 cases and 2018 2.636.468 cases. This development can also be observed in the numbers of accidents with personal injury. Thus, in 2020 there were 264.499 accidents with injury to persons, a total of 3.046 casualties killed. In 2018, out of 308.721 accidents with personal injury 3.275 fatalities recorded.

Fires and arson in 2020 in Germany

In 2020, according to police records in Germany were 20.735 cases of arson or. Causing a fire hazard was registered. According to fire statistics, there are also about 200 annual.000 house fires recorded. This means that every two minutes a fire ignites somewhere. Every year about 600 people die in Germany in house fires.

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