Blue badge for cars: does it already exist??

When an engine burns fuel, gaseous waste products are produced in the process. These are also called exhaust gases. These include the irritant gas nitrogen dioxide, which can damage both the environment and human health. The so-called particulate matter sticker shows which cars emit which amounts of pollutants. There are currently three of these. When comes the additional blue sticker?

FAQ: The blue environmental badge in Germany

No, there are no exact plans in this regard yet. The German government is skeptical about the introduction of the system.

Nothing has been decided on this yet either. In principle, however, e-cars could receive a blue badge. The same applies, among others, to diesel cars that meet the Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard, as well as to certain gasoline cars.

In more and more German cities there are driving bans for diesel vehicles. The blue sticker could facilitate the control of entering motor vehicles.

In what context is the blue environmental badge of significance??

Blue badge: Diesel and gasoline vehicles of certain emission standards could be equipped with it

Blue badge: Diesel and gasoline engines of certain emission standards could be equipped with it.

The European Union gives certain Limit values relating to air quality ago. All member states must comply with it, otherwise they face sanctions. These measures mainly serve the protection of the environment as well as people’s health.

One means of complying with the air quality limits is the so-called fine dust sticker Environmental zones. The first of these was found in Germany on 1. introduced in Berlin, Cologne and Hanover on January 1, 2008. An environmental zone may only be used by vehicles that comply with certain exhaust emission standards. The fine dust sticker, also called environmental sticker, serves as a proof.

Among others, for gasoline vehicles of the Euro 6 emission standard: the blue sticker could facilitate the control of driving bans

Among other things, for gasoline vehicles with the Euro 6 emission standard: The blue sticker could make it easier to monitor driving bans.

At the moment there are three different stickers in Germany:

  • Red sticker: Diesel vehicles with Euro 2 and Euro 1 emissions standards (with particulate filter only)
  • yellow sticker: Diesel vehicles with Euro 3 and Euro 2 emissions standards (only with particulate filter)
  • Green sticker: Diesel vehicles of the emission standards Euro 4 and upwards as well as Euro 3 (only with particle filter); gasoline vehicles of the emission standards Euro 1 and upwards

As a rule, only vehicles with a green sticker will be allowed to enter one of the now 58 environmental zones in Germany drive in. Only in the environmental zone in Neu-Ulm are also allowed cars with yellow sticker. A Blue sticker, on the other hand, is not yet available. However, an introduction has already been discussed for some time.

According to the plan, the blue environmental badge will be issued to vehicles with the following emission standards, which emit particularly few pollutants. If introduced, cars that have a blue sticker should have a environmental zone can be entered without any problems.

Drive entering an environmental zone without the necessary sticker this is a fine in the amount of 100 Euro after. Note: The environmental badge must be affixed to the windshield in accordance with regulations. For example, it must not simply be placed on the dashboard.

Blue sticker: When can it be expected??

When will the blue sticker be introduced? There are no exact plans yet

When will the blue sticker come?? Exact plans do not yet exist.

Many car owners have been wondering for some time now when the environmental sticker for Euro 6 vehicles and other vehicles might be introduced. Exact plans for this do not exist yet. Rather flare up heated discussions around the blue sticker.

The German government has so far always completely rejected this idea. Frequent criticism is that the introduction of the blue environmental badge could lead to, that older diesel vehicles will lose even more value than before. Furthermore, the introduction could have the effect that the Acceptance for diesel driving bans in inner cities increases.

Control of diesel driving bans: Blue sticker under discussion?

In some German cities, including Hamburg, there are now Driving bans for certain diesel vehicles. If they do not comply with certain exhaust emission limits, they are not allowed to use the blue sticker no longer drive in designated areas.

The big problem in this context is the Monitoring compliance with the driving bans dar. Because no vehicle can be seen exactly from the outside, whether it meets the Euro 6 emission standard or another. So far, only random checks by police officers possible. These must stop each vehicle individually and then Take a look at the vehicle documents, to be able to determine which exhaust emission standard the car meets. This not only costs a lot of time, but is also extremely labor-intensive and can quickly lead to traffic jams.

When the blue sticker comes: Which vehicles will receive it??

A blue sticker is not required to drive in an environmental zone

No blue sticker is required to drive in an environmental zone.

Who will get the blue sticker, if it should come?? For this there are no exact plans yet. The German Environmental Aid (DUH) suggests, for example, that Cars of the following emission standards which are to receive blue fine dust sticker:

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