Blaulichtticker fur die Region furstenfeldbruck: 20-year-old causes accident – without license and registration

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Police and fire departments in the Furstenfeldbruck district are on standby around the clock. Where they are on the way and why, find out in the blue light ticker.

  • The reports come from the police stations Furstenfeldbruck, Germering and Olching, from the traffic police Furstenfeldbruck (responsible for A8, A99 and A96) as well as the police headquarters Upper Bavaria North or are based on inquiries.
  • There are 52 local fire departments in the district of Furstenfeldbruck.
  • Older reports can be found in the ticker to 30. December 2021

28. January:

A 20-year-old has rammed a parked car with his BMW in Germering on Thursday evening. The man did not have a driver’s license.

According to police, the Munich driver came from Parsbergstrabe. At the junction with Dornierstrabe, he drove straight ahead and crashed into a Ford. Thus the Ford was pushed on a sidewalk. His trailer hitch touched a stone pillar, which fell over as a result.

The man did not have a driver’s license. His BMW was not registered. The 20-year-old now has to answer for several offenses. The damage is about 7000 euros.

26. January:

Once again, the Olching fire department had to because cigarette butts in an ashtray in an apartment had caused a lot of smoke to develop. According to police, a witness made the emergency call early Tuesday morning. He had noticed smoke in an apartment on Buchhoferstrabe. Fire department and police arrived at the scene at the same time. The baffled resident opened the locker for the emergency services. They were able to quickly determine the reason for the smoke. The man had apparently not properly expressed a cigarette, which lay in an overfilled flowerpot converted into an ashtray. The rescuers did not have to intervene. The apartment only had to be aired. Only at the beginning of January the fire-brigade had to move out because of smoldering cigarette butts. At that time even a medical practice, which is in the building, was evacuated.

Thieves have in the indoor swimming pool Amperoase slammed. According to the Brucker police, an unknown person broke open the locker of a 31-year-old on Saturday and stole his backpack. The Furstenfeldbrucker stayed between 9 and 11 o’clock in the indoor swimming pool. When he wanted to change again after swimming, he noticed the absence of his backpack. Although the locker was undamaged and the injured party was still in possession of his key, the perpetrator somehow managed to open the locker. The backpack contained a large amount of money and documents belonging to the person who was robbed. Witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrator are asked to contact the Furstenfeldbruck police department at (0 81 41) 61 20.

A 20-year-old man has on Monday afternoon caused an accident near Landsberied. According to the Furstenfeldbruck police, the young man wanted to turn left at around 3 p.m.50 o’clock of Landsberied coming the state road 2054uberqueren and in the direction of Mammendorf continue to drive. But he did not pay attention to the cars that were on the road. Therefore, the 20-year-old overlooked a car coming from the right. The VW was driven by a 53-year-old man from Moorenweis, who was traveling in the direction of Moorenweis. According to the police, the man had the right of way. Both vehicles collided at the intersection. The 20-year-old Landsberieder was slightly injured and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. The damage to property amounts to about 20 000 euros.

Police are looking for witnesses to an incident, who was already on Tuesday a week ago, 18. January, on the people festival place in Bruck occurred. A 30-year-old from Furstenfeldbruck met at about 13.50 o’clock with an acquaintance, in order to clarify a preceding controversy. The acquaintance came – against the arrangement – in company of a larger person group to the meeting place. The 30-year-old reported that suddenly an unknown car – a blue Opel Astra with Furstenfeldbruck license plates – drove towards him. He swerved and was thus able to prevent the collision. The suspect then turned his vehicle around and drove towards the victim again. In doing so, he caught him in the leg and slightly injured him. The criminal investigation department has taken up the investigation. Anyone who observed anything suspicious is asked to call (0 81 41) 6120. In addition, the police had to attend to demos again.

25. January:

Apparently a technical defect started a fire at the large recycling center in Eichenau on Sunday afternoon. According to police, a 46-year-old Puchheimer discovered the shelter house on fire and fought the fire with a fire extinguisher. The alarmed Eichenauer fire department then did the rest. The fire also affected an adjacent noise barrier with wooden cladding. The police estimate the damage at about 1000 euros. Thieves also looted offering boxes in churches.

A 45-year-old man is in the night on Saturday at the Drudenbogen in Furstenfeldbruck by a car to have been hit. According to the police, a 55-year-old driver wanted to turn left into Sulzbogen with her Daihatsu at around 11 p.m. In doing so, she overlooked the pedestrian who was crossing the junction at the same moment. The 45-year-old was thrown over the hood to the ground and was then briefly unconscious. Nevertheless, the accident ended relatively smoothly for the man. He suffered only minor injuries and was subsequently taken to hospital by the emergency services.

A 20-year-old has on Sunday evening two beer bottles against the front of the Brucker vocational school at the Hans Sachs road threw. A witness observed the attack and immediately informed the police. The officers stopped the hooligan while he was still on the school grounds. The young man from Hallbergmoos (Freising district) is now facing criminal proceedings for damage to property, as sheet metal elements on the facade were dented. The police estimate the damage at approximately 2000 euro. There was also an accident in the city center in Bruck. Accidents also occurred on slippery roads.

21. January:

Minor injuries suffered a 52-year-old female pedestrian who was hit by a car at the traffic circle near the railroad underpass in Germering on Wednesday. The Munich woman wanted around 9.8 p.m. crossing the Untere Bahnhofstrabe at the crosswalk, which is located in front of the traffic circle, in the direction of the train station. At this moment, an 86-year-old Mercedes driver from Germering approached. He overlooked the woman and touched her. As the police reported, the 86-year-old was only traveling at walking speed. The Munich woman was nevertheless taken to a clinic for further examination. In addition, there were two accidents on the roadway. And the police are looking for witnesses after a dangerous overtaking maneuver.

A car driver committed a hit-and-run, who hit a black Mercedes parked on Dornierstrabe in Germering. The 24-year-old owner had parked his vehicle at 3 p.m. on Tuesday and noticed the damage at around 7 a.m. on Wednesday.45 o’clock. The left wing mirror was broken off, the left side of the vehicle showed scratches. The damage is estimated at around 3000 euros. Witnesses are to report under telephone (089) 8 94 15 70 with the police.

19. January

A broken down vehicle Has on Tuesday morning from 6.45 o’clock on the A 96 near Landsberg caused trouble. During the recovery there were several accidents – among other things, a truck from the district crashed into the recovery vehicle and lost sand, which blocked the highway. Only around 10.15 o’clock the road was free again, informs the police. There was also an accident in Olching in which two children were injured.

Minor injuries suffered a 49-year-old Germeringerin, which was hit on Saturday at the Landsberger road by a white car. The motorist merely inquired about the victim’s welfare and then simply drove on. The pedestrian wanted to leave around 6.40 o’clock cross Landsberger Strabe at the intersection with Untere Bahnhofstrabe in the direction of the town hall. The traffic light was green. The driver of the car, also coming from the train station and heading north, turned left into Landsberger Strabe and failed to see the pedestrian. The police hope for witnesses, who are to announce themselves under telephone (089) 8 94 15 70. In addition, a suburban train was smeared in Maisach.

An unknown car driver forced a 29-year-old female Audifahrerin to an expensive evasive maneuver on Saturday. The woman was driving from Kiefernstrabe in the direction of Im Tann when a blue Mitsubishi SUV took her right of way. The woman swerved to the right and touched the concrete post of a garden fence in the process. At the car a damage at a value of approximately 3000 euro resulted. The police investigates because of hit and run. Anyone who can provide information should call (089) 8 94 15 70.

On Tuesday in the morning a 57-year-old man from Unterschwaningen was driving his Audi on the B 471 near Bergkirchen in the direction of Dachau when a 34-year-old female car driver rear-ended him with her Hyundai from Furstenfeldbruck while traffic was backed up at the A 8 junction. The woman who caused the accident was slightly injured. It was subsequently brought in by the rescue service in the hospital Furstenfeldbruck. The Hyundai had to be recovered by the towing service. The property damage is estimated at a total of 13,000 euros. An accident also occurred in the Brucker Hasenheide. In addition, the Mittelstetten fire department in the neighboring district had to help with a fire.


Drinking and driving is never a good idea. A 60-year-old man from Olching impressively demonstrated this again on Friday by alerting the officers to his own misconduct. When he was driving his BMW in Pfarrstrabe around 10 p.m., he honked several times for no apparent reason, according to police. To his bad luck he did that also exactly in the moment, when he drove past a civil patrol. The officers checked the vehicle and noticed that the Olching man smelled of alcohol. The breath alcohol test accomplished thereupon resulted in a value of 1,3 Promille. A blood withdrawal was ordered therefore and the driver’s license of the BMW driver was secured.

A 61-year-old woman from Munich was slightly injured in an accident on Thursday in Grobenzell. That reports the police. Against 13.30 o’clock the woman was on foot on the parking lot of a consumer market in the Danziger street on the way. At the same time, a 45-year-old woman from Munich drove her BMW across the parking lot. Because the driver turned briefly to her child, she overlooked the pedestrian in front of her vehicle and rolled her car over her foot the 61-year-old. The senior citizen fell and was slightly injured. There was no damage to property in the accident.

A bad surprise experienced a 26-j?hrigen Olchingerin Friday morning: Apparently someone had crashed into the front of her vehicle while reversing and made off without reporting the damage. Her car- a black VW- had parked the 26-year-old on Thursday around 10 p.m. in the Ordenslandstrabe in Olching. She noticed the damage, the amount of which is estimated at around 800 euros according to the police, the following morning at around 9 a.m. Anyone who can provide information should contact the Olching police department. Phone: (08142) 2930.

An 18-year-old woman was injured on Saturday between 19.40 and 21.30 clock while skating in Germering her pink Nike shoes- Type Air Force Shadow stolen. According to police, she had placed her shoes under a seat in the auditorium and placed her jacket over them. When she returned, the shoes worth 150 euros were gone. Witnesses are asked to call (089) 8 94 15 70.

On Saturday between 8 and 15.30 o’clock became from an underground garage in the Sudendstrabe in Germering a set of complete wheels worth 1200 euros stolen. According to police, the summer tires with rims intended for an Audi were stacked on top of each other in the owner’s parking space and covered with foil. Tips to the Germering police. Phone: (089) 8 94 15 70.

15. January

Same several times is a drunk with his car Thursday night on the B 2 crashed into the guardrail. As the police say, the Augsburg was around midnight with his Mazda direction Munich on the road, when he came in the curve in the area of Ludwigshohe (Furstenfeldbruck), several times to the right and left off the road and crashed into the guardrails. His drive finally ended in the ditch. When the accident was recorded, the police found that the 34-year-old had a blood alcohol level of 1.1 per mille. It was ordered a blood withdrawal, as well as the seizure of his driver’s license. The Augsburg man was uninjured, his vehicle suffered damage of around 5000 euros.

One with three persons occupied car collided on Thursday evening with a tree near Mittelstetten. All passengers were injured. According to the police, the 21-year-old driver of the BMW lost control of his vehicle on the slippery road. The car went off the road and crashed into the tree. The driver and his 15 and 19-year-old passengers suffered moderate injuries. They came to the hospital. The damage is about 8000 euros.

Several property on the Bahnhof-, Buchen- and Lindenstrabe in Mammendorf were attacked by scribblers in the night from Thursday to Thursday. According to police, the unknown persons placed their graffiti on walls and traffic signs. Witnesses are asked to call (0 81 41) 61 20.

14. January

A 40-year-old woman is on Wednesday around 6 p.m. in Grobenzell’s Bahnhofstrabe was hit and injured by a bicyclist. The cyclist sought the distance. According to the police, the bike had no lights. The driver first stopped and spoke to the woman. When the police said they would call the police, the young man drove off. He is about 17 to 25 years old, 1.80 meters tall and has short, dark brown hair. The unknown was on the road with a silver bike with yellow stripes. Witnesses are asked to report to the police under telephone (0 81 42) 29 30.

Meanwhile, the police Excluded that the fire in Olching was deliberately set.

Because he confused gas and brake, a 22-year-old man crashed into a parked car in Nimrodstrabe in Bruck at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The young man was looking for a parking space and therefore drove backwards. Instead of pressing the brake, he accidentally stepped on the gas pedal. He came to the left of the road and crashed unbraked into a parked Nissan. Due to the force of the impact, the Nissan was pushed onto a van in front of it. The three vehicles were damaged to the tune of 10,000 euros. The 22-year-old man remained unharmed.

A 44-year-old man from Puchheim was taken out of circulation during a routine police check. The man was not allowed to continue his journey because, according to the police, he does not have a valid driver’s license. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him.

Between New Year’s Eve and Monday, 10. January, an unknown person broke into the closed branch of the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank in Mittelstetten. The perpetrator levered open a window and searched the room for valuables. However, nothing was taken. The ATM was not damaged. The perpetrator disappeared without being recognized. Witnesses who saw suspicious persons and/or vehicles in the area of Raiffeisenstrabe during the time of the crime should contact the police department in Furstenfeldbruck, telephone (0 81 41) 61 20. In addition, there was an accident on the A96.

13. January

Unknown persons have sprayed a garage, two power boxes and a sign of the municipality in the Erich-Kastner-Weg in Eichenau with paint. The lettering reads “CHAZ!”, “2E+O” and “XERX”. The damage caused by the graffiti is estimated at a low four-digit value. The police Germering investigates because of damage to property. Anyone who can provide information is asked to call (089) 8 94 15 70.

A 41-year-old Moorenweiserin has experienced a nasty surprise on Tuesday at noon. Around 12 o’clock, she parked her Suzuki in front of the daycare center on Ahornstrabe in Moorenweis to pick up her child. When both returned to the car, it was damaged. There was no trace of the culprit. The damage amounts to according to police approximately 2000 euro. Any relevant information can be obtained from the Bruck police at telephone number (0 81 41) 61 20.

An 18-year-old had a real chase with the police. On the Lindau highway the Germeringer finally be stopped.

12. January

Unknown perpetrators window of a parked light vehicle in Germering smashed. According to the police, the crime occurred on Monday between 7 a.m.55 and 13 o’clock in the Friedlandstrabe. Nothing was apparently stolen. The damage is in the middle three-digit range. Witnesses who observed the crime are asked to call the Germering police at (089) 8 94 15 70.

On the B 2, a female driver crashed into a tree at the height of the Germering exit. In Olching, a fire broke out in an apartment on Tuesday morning – directly above a pediatrician’s office.

10. January

In an industrial accident on Friday A man was injured in Olching. The 41-year-old Olching man was busy loading goods when his 53-year-old colleague caught him with a forklift truck. The 41-year-old suffered a slight injury to his thigh and was treated as an outpatient. The driver of the forklift is currently under investigation for an assault offense. There was also an accident at a circus. And a forestry worker died while on the job.

After a racist attack against a Brucker family at the S-Bahn station in Laim, the police are looking for the perpetrator. The man allegedly kicked a 53-year-old woman on Sunday afternoon after New Year’s Day. When the daughter, a 30-year-old from Syria, confronted him, racist insults followed. In addition, the offender spat and hit the 57-year-old father. An S-Bahn driver finally intervened and drove the attacker into flight. The father of the family came to the hospital. The perpetrator is described as follows: male, 35 years old, 1.80 meters, dark blond, green eyes, short full beard. He was wearing yellow outerwear with a black jacket. Hints under telephone (089) 2 91 00. In addition, a man stabbed around in Bruck.

6. January

Operation in the early morning: At around 5 a.m., the Grobenzell fire department was alerted by an emergency doctor to retrieve a sick senior citizen from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Schubertstrabe. This was to avoid the unsteady transport over the staircase. The nine firefighters were on the scene for 30 minutes.

Thanks to an attentive Munich resident could be cleared up on Wednesday a hit and run in Puchheim. The 27-year-old observed around 3 p.m. in the parking lot of the Rewe supermarket in Siemensstrabe how a gray Mazda crashed into a parked Peugeot while backing up. The accident causer- a 63-year-old Grobenzellerin got out briefly to assess the damage, but then simply drove on without reporting the accident or waiting for the owner of the Peugeot. Because the Munich man memorized the license plate number of the person who caused the accident, the police were able to identify her quickly. On it waits now a report because of the unauthorized removing from the place of accident. The damage to the Peugeot is about 1500 euros.

In a traffic accident on Tuesday morning A 41-year-old woman from Germering was slightly injured. The woman wanted to drive away at around 6.30 o’clock on foot cross Landsberger Strabe at the traffic light. At the same time, a 49-year-old man from Puchheim was driving his car on Untere Bahnhofstrabe. When turning right into Landsberger Strabe, he overlooked the 41-year-old woman and drove over her foot. After a medical first treatment by the rescue service the Germeringerin was brought to the hospital for further investigations.

An unpleasant surprise experienced a 59-year-old Germeringerin on Tuesday morning. When she went to her car parked in Kerschensteiner Strabe at around 10 a.m., she noticed scratches and a dent on the left front of her red Fiat. She had her car on 3. January about 0 o’clock there parked. From the accident causer each trace is missing. The damage amounts to about 1000 euros. The police Germering investigates therefore because of unauthorized removing from the accident place. Witnesses, who have observed something in the crime period, are to report to the Germeringer inspection under the telephone number (089) 8 94 15 70.

A 37-year-old from the district of Furstenfeldbruck is on Wednesday on the Paul Ehrlich way with its passenger car Jaguar in Allach into the oncoming traffic and with a 56-j?hrigen Munchnerin in their Smart collided. In the crash, two people were- the Munich woman and her 26-year-old female passenger- slightly injured. The 37-year-old survived the accident unharmed. On the other hand, the two vehicles were each a total economic loss. In addition, a guardrail was significantly damaged. The total damage amounts to around 90,000 euros. The accident occurred around 15.40 o’clock on the bridge over the A 99. The 37-year-old from the district got into the oncoming lane and collided with the Smart there. The Munich woman’s car flipped onto its right side and slid with its roof into the guard rail. Since the 56-year-old and her passenger could not leave the vehicle alone, they had to be freed by the fire department. For this the roof of the passenger car was cut off. The 56-year-old and the 26-year-old were taken to hospital for further treatment. The road was closed for two hours.

2. January

The New Year’s Eve passed in the service area of the Olching police predominantly peaceful and calm. This is reported by the Olching Inspectorate. No injuries were reported in connection with the handling of fireworks. However, there were some quarrels. In two cases they resulted in physical confrontations. All these cases were due to the alcohol consumption of the revelers, the police report says. However, no one was seriously injured. Also some disturbances of the peace by New Year’s Eve parties in the private area were reported to the police. Sunday’s report on the subject ends with the sentence: “The Olching Police Department wishes all citizens in its service area a happy, successful, peaceful and healthy New Year.“

A cyclist (54) is in the afternoon of the 30. December directly in front of the service building of the police Olching at the Bahnhofstrabe crashed without any extraneous involvement. He suffered a major laceration to the head in the process. According to the police, a young man from the neighborhood provided immediate first aid and informed the police and rescue service. The 54-year-old had to be treated in the hospital in Bruck. The police officers determined with the man substantial smell of alcohol. According to his own statements, the 54-year-old had consumed copious amounts of beer and whiskey. Because of the injury, an alcohol test could not be carried out, a blood test will reveal more details here. The police point out: Also with cyclists there is a regulation for the absolute driving impossibility. This lies with 1.6 per mille.

On New Year’s Eve, several young people at the Wildmoosgelande in Grobenzell rioted – and completely senselessly, as the police note. They tore several waste garbage cans from the anchorage and destroyed them until they were unusable. The police would be grateful for tips on the youths.

The police is looking for a car driver, who scraped past two cars parked behind each other on Riedlstrasse (number 37) in Maisach, damaging the cars and then simply drove on. The crash must have occurred between 31. December, 12 p.m., and the 1. January, 11 o’clock, happened. Information to the responsible inspection Olching.

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