BIM-ready training: this is how knowledge transfer succeeds

BIM-Ready training

Employees of Munich-based Climaplan GmbH attend MuM’s BIM-Ready training courses. The online presentation seminars make it easier to get started with model-based work.

For project engineers and planners in the Climaplan GmbH was the switch to BIM-Ready training at your own computer a relief: no additional travel time, familiar surroundings, few distractions. Even if the exchange with other participants is missing, the certainty remains to have learned more effectively and efficiently. This is due not least to the technical competence of the trainers at MuM.

BIM-Ready training for engineering office

About 70 employees at Climaplan in Munich plan, supervise and control projects in all sizes and all branches of the Building Services Engineering. For more than 40 years, the engineering firm has been developing work and living spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in and where the technology works perfectly. Because rooms that are well lit and pleasantly air-conditioned increase productivity. The planners always have ecology and economy in mind as well: Environmentally sound design and low investment and operating costs are the result.

Model based work? Logical!

For companies with this focus, model-based working is inevitable. Central coordination of all planning information on the digital model leads to higher quality, more transparency and cost security for all parties involved. By opting for Building Information Modeling, the management not only met the requirements of numerous clients, but also found an excellent way to meet its own demands.

BIM-Ready training

To make good use of BIM, it is necessary to adapt planning processes and convince employees of the new way of thinking and working. The BIM-Ready training of man and machine helps to bring along even skeptical colleagues. It contains different training courses tailored to the later requirements in the planning process. More than 30 employees at Climaplan have gone through these trainings since 2016, dealing with method issues, coordination requirements, design and costing.

Learn online

When the Corona situation made live training impossible in March 2020, the training conditions also changed for Climaplan employees. MuM had quickly designed online presence training and created the conditions for efficient learning in your own office or home office. With the long-term MuM partner Amazon Web Services AWS, a cloud infrastructure with 150 virtual high-performance CAD computers was set up. All the software that is trained at MuM is installed there.

Participants have access to their own CAD computer in the cloud for their course. All software products needed for the seminar are installed there. This is how you can take part in any MuM seminar with a standard computer and a stable Internet connection. Video and audio transmission to the instructor and the other participants is ensured via an online conference platform. For Climaplan, this setting was ideal.

Eliminate distractions

Although the social exchange during the breaks with other participants is missing, one works more concentrated instead. “Online, you don’t even notice when the instructor ‘hooks in’ to another participant and answers individual questions. This is practical,” says Manol Grancharov. At Climaplan, colleagues show consideration for employees who learn online. “A note on the door is accepted by everyone,” knows Julius Bendixen, who shares the office with two colleagues. Once you put on the headphones and start the online course, you don’t hear much of what’s going on in the office anymore.

Clear advantages for online: BIM-Ready training

The technical possibilities of online training help to ensure knowledge transfer. On the one hand, the exchange with the instructor is more concentrated in a 1:1 discussion. In addition, instructors can provide explanations from the course recording as a learning video. “This additional material helps a lot when questions arise in practice,” says Korbinian Baar.

Full competence

Manol Grancharov sums up his demands: “A course has achieved its goal if, at the end, I know what I wanted to learn.”He has had this experience on every BIM Ready course. In addition, the instructor and lecturer at MuM must also have the technology under control and the virtual computer must have good performance. “MuM is competent in all topics. That makes learning effective,” says Korbinian Baar.

By Roswitha Menke.

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