Baking bread yourself with a breadmaker

Baking bread yourself with a breadmaker

What could be more delicious than a nice fresh loaf of bread?? We Germans can consider ourselves quite spoiled in this respect: Where else can you find so much choice of different types of bread? However, baking bread yourself with a breadmaker is also becoming increasingly popular.

No matter if it is wheat or wheat-mix, grain, spelt or pure rye breads. There is the right bread for every taste. And if you want to bake your own bread it’s no problem either. Because meanwhile the baking with a bread baking machine became very simple. But which model is really good?

Bake your own bread with many possibilities

The first people to bake bread were the Egyptians. And even today, people who now bake their own bread are becoming more and more. In the social networks interested people exchange tips and recipes. The Trend to bake bread yourself is becoming more and more popular. Also, more and more stores and online vendors are found that offer extensive accessories for bread baking. Consequently, we show you three variants of how you can make your own bread. You can also learn about the advantages of a breadmaker.

1) Simple bread baking in the oven

If you want to bake your Make your own bread If you want to bake bread in the oven, you can easily get a baking mix in the supermarket. Then you can bake them according to instructions and in a loaf pan in the oven. But if you want to have it individually and do not want to use ready-made mixtures, you can find many different recipes for breads on the Internet. Like the following video. In addition, also note our tips on how to store bread and rolls properly.


2) Delicious bread from the stone oven

Some even go so far as to buy a special stone oven (usually outside for the garden or terrace) to prepare their bread or pizza in a particularly stylish way. In the long run, you not only have tasty and fresh breads, but often the self-production is even cheaper than at the bakery. And if you sometimes wonder where to put all the bread, then also read our tips for freezing and baking up bread.

Tip for a long bread enjoyment

A good bread will still taste good, even if it is a few days older. Bread can also be toasted very well. Beautifully warm and yet crispy it is then for some only a true pleasure.

3) Baking your own bread with the breadmaker

The bread baking machine, also called bread maker, performs good services. Because with it you can Baking your own bread is child’s play. In addition, you know what is in your bread and it is always fresh. For many who regularly bake their own bread, it is hard to imagine the kitchen without the breadmaker. And this has good reasons, for example, it allows you to reduce energy consumption and consequently you can save electricity.

How does baking with a bread maker work?

Since the Making your own bread with a breadmaker is much easier and faster, the modern models are very popular in the household. The desired ingredients are filled into the integrated baking pan of the machines. In the middle of this baking pan is a dough hook, which then mixes the ingredients into a dough. Also the necessary resting time for the dough is automatically regulated. After that the required baking process takes place. Depending on the quality of the device, you can set the degree of browning differently. Even a timer function, in which you can pre-program the start of baking, is available with some devices. Also note our basic recipe for gluten-free bread.

The best bread makers from the Internet

The advantages show that a purchase of a bread baking machine is worthwhile itself. But which is the right one for you? We have a selection of the three best automatic baking machines below:

The all-rounder Panasonic bread maker

This bread maker comes with several useful components. This includes measuring cups, measuring spoons, baking pan and much more. With this you can bake different bread sizes and set any degree of browning. In addition, this device has a timer function and is easy to use.

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