Back to the future: blaupunkt reissues the cult car radio “bremen sqr 46” / youngtimer car radio with many new features

The Blaupunkt brand has been providing entertainment and information in the car for several generations. Over the years, some models have become true cult objects. So also the legendary Blaupunkt “Bremen SQR 46” from the year 1986. Now Blaupunkt presents the new interpretation of the popular 1-DIN car radio and combines the USPs of the 80s model with new technologies as well as functions. The result is the Blaupunkt “Bremen SQR 46 DAB”.

Its operating concept, simple design and crystal-clear reception contributed significantly to the popularity of the original Bremen car radio. Blaupunkt has adopted the styling of the original model for the new edition, but at the same time has given the radio a modern vario-color illumination for the buttons and the display. Thanks to the Blaupunkt Codem FM RDS tuner and DAB+ digital tuner, first-class reception remains one of the strengths of the new youngtimer car radio. All settings are permanently stored even when disconnected from the battery. An active DAB+ disc antenna is also supplied by Blaupunkt – so the entertainer has arrived in 2019.

Also new are the numerous serial interfaces, including two USB ports, an AUX connection and an SDHC slot – audio streaming via Bluetooth is also no dreams of the future for the returned legend. The radio carries the “Made for iPhone/iPod” and guarantees a corresponding compatibility. Twin-Connect is also on board for the simultaneous coupling of two smartphones. The radio is supplied with an external Bluetooth microphone and can thus also be used as a hands-free device. Access to the phone book and playback of navigation instructions of the connected smartphone are also part of the range of functions. The volume of the music played regulates the new “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” then automatically. A connection to the steering wheel remote control is made on request via the interface provided for this purpose. In addition, an infrared remote control is included.

The “Comfort Browsing” function of the rejuvenated radio allows the user to switch between tracks in his music collection quickly and precisely. The maximum power of 200 watts (4 x 50 watts) guarantees in combination with X-Bass, a separate subwoofer output and a 4-channel preamplifier output a rousing sound experience. In addition, a semi-parametric 3-band equalizer and predefined sound settings (rock, pop, classic) are available.

The new “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” has a short installation depth – optimal for youngtimers with shortened installation slots. But not only the car radio itself takes the user on a journey through time, also the packaging of the device was elaborately designed and modeled after the original.

From the end of August 2019, the new “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” from Blaupunkt is available in a decorative box at a recommended retail price of EUR 449.

Contact for journalists: Corinna Ingenhaag – corinna(at)konstant.en

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Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

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