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AutoKrus is your contact for paint damage, parking damage, hail damage, accident damage repair and reconditioning of vehicles in Berlin with certified quality. Paint scratches and small dents on the car with the help of Smart& Spotrepair -technique can be eliminated at all of our three locations.

All vehicle painting and accident repairs are carried out in our branch in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

In the case of accident damage, direct settlement is also possible via the insurance company of the other party involved in the accident or the insurance company of the customer. of your fully comprehensive insurance possible. I vouch for the quality of our services with my 30 years of experience and our highly qualified team.

The professional from A to Z for your car

bodywork specialist

Accident report

Direct settlement with insurer

Mechanic work

Our team

Paul Krus
skilled car body builder and car mechanic – management

Matthias Krus
trained vehicle painter
Branch Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Iwona Krus

Andre Heider skilled vehicle painter
Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf branch



Our services

Accident repairs

The AutoKrus team is your reliable partner for the professional repair of your vehicle.

A direct settlement in the event of accident damage via the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident or. of your comprehensive insurance, is of course also possible.

We take over all formalities for you from the preparation of expert opinions, repair costs, vehicle repair and, if desired, also the provision of an accident replacement vehicle.

Processing from a single source and without time expenditure for you as an injured party of an accident!

dents, scratches, scuffs, rust

With the Smart& Spotrepair system, minor paint repairs can be done faster and cheaper.

expensive spare parts as well as assembly costs are eliminated.

Smaller to medium-sized dents can usually be removed without affecting the paintwork.

In the case of minor scratches and paint damage, these are treated only spot first-class, whether scratch or scrape on your car door, fender or bumper.

For questions about the Smart& Spotrepair – Technique contact us by phone or directly via our contact form on our homepage.

You can also send us pictures of the damage or repair of your vehicle. Please add the areas to be repaired to your request in order to enable us to prepare a quick quotation.

Vehicle preparation

We also offer complete vehicle preparation for your vehicle. For a reawakened “new car feeling”!

Car preparation means all services related to professional car cleaning and car maintenance.

Exterior cleaning / exterior preparation of your vehicle:
Exterior cleaning is done by hand and includes rim cleaning. With the help of special polishes small scratches and impurities in the paint are removed. Dull paintwork shines like new again!

Interior cleaning / interior preparation of your vehicle:
Interior and upholstery cleaning with a special cleaning and care products (u.a. cleaned with a cleaning gun and vacuumed, floor mats and windows cleaned, stains from the vehicle headliner or. Seat upholstery removed, in the case of vehicles with leather upholstery, this is cleaned and maintained). Extend the friends on your vehicle – and look forward to a “new car feeling”.
A regular professional car care are important measures for the long-term visual pleasure of your vehicle and also to maintain the value of your vehicle. It has been proven that well-maintained vehicles achieve significantly better resale prices!

Leasing pre-check

Take advantage of our free leasing pre-check!

When a leasing vehicle is returned, the condition of the vehicle is checked by an expert from the leasing company or the leasing company itself. Car manufacturer determined.

It will take into account all existing damage, such as u.a. Scratches, dents, scratches and dents are listed and charged to the lessee (at repair prices of the car manufacturer or the lessee). leasing companies).
This can lead to very high lease end payments! And this is not in the sense of any lessee, which works as an entrepreneur economically cost-minimizing.

By carrying out the services in our company, they achieve a high cost savings, because we charge significantly more moderate hourly rates than the car manufacturers or. Leasing companies. Also due to our applied spot& Smartrepair system for damaged components you achieve here already a very large cost reduction, because the appraisers very often for the repair of bodywork damage new parts plus. Calculate repainting.

By the removal of paint damage and also a vehicle preparation you clearly reduce the risk of high additional payments. Contact us for a leasing check in advance or a. Repair of the damage to your leased vehicle!

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