Thinking ahead with autogas elze! – we help you to almost halve your driving costs

Autogas LPG Elze

As a long-standing partner of various autogas system importers, we offer at Autogas Elze the possibility of using your vehicle inexpensive and fast, on the favorable alternative”Autogas” to convert. Almost all gasoline engines, including a large number of direct injection, can be retrofitted with an autogas system. A distinction is made between vaporizer technology and direct injection of liquid gas. This leaves your “normal” engine concept completely preserved.

LPG subsidy now remains after all until 2022

Autogas will now remain tax-privileged beyond 2018 after all. Following an intervention by the Bundesrat, the German government’s original plan to cap the tax incentive on 31 December 2018 was abandoned. December 2018 now revised. The tax concession for LPG fuel has been extended from the end of 2018 to 2022.

Autogas conversion at Autogas Elze

Due to the Autogas conversion the range of your car increases considerably. The car automatically switches from gasoline to gas when the required coolant temperature is reached and likewise back to gasoline when the gas tank is empty, with no noticeable difference in performance.

A Conversion at Autogas Elze is, of course, a complete package including all the necessary documents, as well as the TuV inspection.

Contact us. We are happy to check whether a conversion is possible for your vehicle and what costs you will incur. Our autogas specialist Mr. Kohler is your contact person around the topic of autogas conversion.

Refuel LPG you can find a dense network of filling stations all over Europe and of course also on our premises.

Conversion with autogas Elze

  • In the spare wheel well or under the car a cylinder or donat tank with a safety valve is installed.
  • Vaporizer, relay, control unit and another safety valve are installed in the engine compartment.
  • In the interior you have a small display (ca. 2×2 cm) with which the system can be switched on or off.
  • The retrofit is based on the original engine management system. The vehicle is to be operated bivalent, i.e.h. In addition you get even the possibility between the fuel types gasoline or. LPG manually.

LPG system sketch of Prins autogas systems B.V.

Download here the LPG system sketch and find out what technology is behind it!

LPG system sketch from Prins Autogassystemen B.V

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Autogas conversion at automobiles Elze

With us you stay mobile

During the conversion of your vehicle to LPG autogas you do not stay on the road. We will provide you with a workshop replacement car at a reasonable price during this period (up to 100km/day).

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