LPG – an environmentally friendly fuel

Driving with LPG from SCHARR is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and high quality. Quality plays an important role for us: SCHARR autogas meets all quality standards according to DIN EN 589. Inform yourself now!

gas mixture of propane and butane

LPG is a liquid gas that has been established for many years as an excellent alternative to conventional fuel. Often the English abbreviation for this is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is used. LPG is a gas mixture liquefied under pressure, consisting of Propane and Butane. For an efficient use of LPG, the propane/butane mixture ratio is based on the season of the year. It has been found that this mixture ratio is optimal. More butane is contained in summer (40 % propane / 60 % butane). This ensures a higher energy content and lower consumption. In winter, propane dominates to guarantee an optimal vapor pressure range. Autogas vehicles are bivalent vehicles. That means it can be changed from gas operation to gasoline operation.

Why LPG is a clean alternative:

Converting your car is worthwhile, because LPG offers many advantages:

  • Environmentally friendlyLPG burns almost residue-free and produces fewer CO2 emissions than gasoline. This means that CO₂ emissions are lower than with conventional fuels, such as z. B. Gasoline or diesel. The autogas drive is also impressive in terms of noise levels, as it is noticeably quieter. Autogas thus makes an important contribution to climate protection and helps to achieve the climate targets of the German government.
  • Cost-effective refuelingLPG is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel. With LPG you can save up to 60.
  • HighRangeDepending on the size of the tank and the consumption of the vehicle, the range of an LPG tank filling is approx. 500 km. If the gasoline tank is added, the total range increases again significantly.
  • Area-wide autogas filling station network in Germany and Europe. Nationwide there are about 14.000 filling stations. About half of them are autogas filling stations, d.h. every second gas station offers LPG.
  • Space saving: The tank requires little space in the trunk. The tank is mounted in the area of the spare wheel.
  • Flexibility: All LPG engines can switch to gasoline mode. Starts the car in gasoline mode. After approx. 30-40 seconds is switched to the autogas mode.

Refueling with adapter – very easy

Autogas is filled under pressure in liquid form into the passenger car tank. For this operation, in most cases, an adapter is needed, which is screwed into the internal thread of the tank connection.

You will find a special service at gas stations that offer autogas from SCHARR. The filling station attendant supplies you with the correct adapter. This service is available at the following autogas filling stations. We look forward to your visit!

Frequently asked questions

In the warmer months from April to October, the butane proportion is higher at 60%. The car is thus more powerful and the consumption is lower. In winter propane dominates with 60 % in the tank to guarantee an optimal vapor pressure range at the frosty temperatures.

The conversion in a specialized company takes approx. two days. Depending on the type of vehicle, the cost is between 1.700-4.500 euros. For frequent drivers, the investment pays for itself in just a few years.

Not all gas is the same. Despite their similar names, LPG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) are two different propulsion systems. Natural gas is also an alternative fuel for cars, but it contains mainly gaseous methane. Do not worry, technically it is not possible to confuse one with the other. Compared to the widely used LPG, natural gas is only available at approx. 900 filling stations available.

All passenger cars with gasoline engines can be converted. It is important that the conversion is carried out by a certified specialist company.

Yes, some car manufacturers offer vehicles with LPG ex works.

Autogas or. Liquefied gas is odorless when extracted. To make it perceptible, a noticeable odorant is added to the gas.

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