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Total Autohof Grand Grill
A9 exit 56

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Bergler Autohof Neuhaus
A93 Exit 20

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Autohof Strohofer Geiselwind
A3 Exit 76

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Kappel-Grafenhausen car dealership
A5 Exit 57a

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Auto station Kiel-Rosenow
B404 / A21

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SVG car dealership Merenberg
On the B49

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SVG Autohof Lohfeldener trunk
A7 Exit 79

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Euro Rastpark Munchberg
A9 Exit 35

TotalEnergies launches RECUP deposit system

TotalEnergies launches RECUP deposit system

From now on, TotalEnergies customers can choose a RECUP deposit cup instead of a disposable cup when buying a take-away drink at over 600 TotalEnergies stations.

As early as December 2021, TotalEnergies began working with RECUP, Germany’s largest reusable provider, at 50 TotalEnergies stations. Now more than 600 stations have started using the alternative to disposable cups in January. TotalEnergies places sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and activities in order to contribute to the well-being of people. “This also includes reducing the large number of disposable cups in Germany and playing an active role in increasing sustainability and environmental protection.”, explains Thomas Straub, Director of Service Stations at TotalEnergies in Germany. “In order to achieve this, we entered into cooperation with RECUP because, in addition to the uncomplicated processing for our partners at the service stations, we were also convinced by the spread of the RECUP system in Germany.”

With TotalEnergies joining the deposit system, some 3.300 of the 11.000 RECUP/REBOWL- dispensing stations Gas stations. “Together we can make a big difference, because demand for drinks and coffee-to-go is very high at service stations.”, says Fabian Eckert, founder and CEO of RECUP. “Working with major energy companies has shown us that RECUP, together with gas stations, can save many millions of disposable cups across Germany. We are very pleased to have TotalEnergies as an important partner for our deposit system at our side.” Eckert continues.

How does the system work for clients?
Since 1. From January 2022, TotalEnergies customers will be able to take drinks-to-go for a 1 euro deposit in sustainable RECUP deposit cups, enjoy them on the go, and then return the cups to more than 600 TotalEnergies stations and nearly 11.000 dispensing centers throughout Germany. When returning the cup, customers get their deposit back.

How the system works for partners?
The process is very convenient for TotalEnergies partners: the RECUPs are ordered via a separate online portal. If returned reusable cups pile up at their service station, operators can send them back to RECUP and receive a refund for the deposit paid out. With RECUP, TotalEnergies gets ahead of the mandatory reusability that will come into force in 2023. New law requires food service establishments to offer customers environmentally friendly, reusable alternatives to disposable cups for out-of-home sales..

Euro Rastparks' fundraising campaign for Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe e.V

Euro Rastparks fundraising campaign for Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe e.V.

Once again the Euro Rastpark GmbH& Co. KG 3.000 € donations for the “Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe” collect. Aktion Kinderunfallhilfe promotes a wide range of road safety projects to help prevent accidents on the road. It also helps young accident victims deal with the consequences of traffic accidents and receive the best possible care.

Tollkuhn takes over CASTROL sales at service stations

Tollkuhn takes over CASTROL sales at service stations

Separate in soccer, united in business: The Hamburg-based lubricant manufacturer and the Bremen-based wholesaler and wholesaler have joined forces to form a sales partnership.

BEST AUTOHOF 2021: This is what winners look like

BEST AUTOHOF 2021: This is what winners look like

The winners received their awards at the MOTORWORLD INN in Munich.

Truck2Park - Flexible parking space reservation

Truck2Park – Flexible parking space reservation

When truck drivers have to look for a parking space after a busy day and do not find a suitable space at the first port of call, this is a tedious daily routine for many of them.

40 years of Autohof Strohofer in Geiselwind

40 years Autohof Strohofer in Geiselwind

40 years of Autohof Strohofer in Geiselwind – four decades of family-owned business – a success story – on 25. June, the Autohof celebrates its 40. Birthday.

Driving off on highways to car stops can be worthwhile!

Driving off on highways to auto repair shops can be worthwhile!

For all motorists traveling on the highway, a fuel stop at the nearest Autohof can be worthwhile.

24-Autohof becomes the delivery hotspot on the A6

24-Autohof becomes a delivery hotspot on the A6 motorway

Yoko Sushi, Dean&David and Pizza’z& Burger’z

2 new hydrogen stations at TOTAL filling stations

2 new hydrogen stations at TOTAL service stations

Owners of hydrogen (H2) cars can now refuel in two additional regions.

Readers’ choice BEST AUTOHOF 2021: The winners

About 220 car dealerships were at the 2.Readers and experts vote nominated. The winners have now been chosen. The personal experiences of Autohof visitors were evaluated in six categories.

On 7. In October, the winners received their awards at an award ceremony held at MOTORWORLD INN, the newly opened restaurant of MOTORWORLD Munich.

  • Readers’ choice 2021
  • Award ceremony 2021
  • Video
  • About Autohofe

In our readers’ poll “BEST AUTOHOF 2021 The readers of AUTOHOF GUIDE and the driver’s magazine UNTERWEGS awarded prizes to the best car dealerships in the categories safe parking, gastronomy, service, family, motorhomes and innovation. In addition, the 3 favorite auto yards were determined in a separate evaluation.

The awards were handed over by representatives of the partners of the readers’ choice – ALAN Electronics with the brands Albrecht and Midland, Tollkuhn Shoppartner with AllRide, SAF Holland, the Allianz General Agency Schlossmacher and Vogt, SONAX, TOTAL Energies and HUSS-VERLAG.

AUTOHOF GUIDE, UNTERWEGS and the media partners congratulate all winners.

Impressions of the award ceremony for the “BEST AUTOHOF 2021” readers’ and experts’ vote at the MOTORWORLD INN restaurant, Munich:


Impressions of the award ceremony for the readers’ choice BEST AUTOHOF 2021 at MOTORWORLD INN Munich. The winners of the readers’ poll “BEST AUTOHOF 2021” were awarded in seven categories: Safe Parking, Gastronomy, Service, Family, Motorhomes, Innovation and Favorite Autohof. The results at a glance, as well as a picture gallery can be found in the tabs next to it. We would like to thank you for your active participation in the reader poll with over 15.000 votes.


Impressions of the award ceremony for the readers’ choice “BEST AUTOHOF 2019” at the PORSCHE Museum Stuttgart. In the acceptance speech the editor of AUTOHOF GUIDE held a small homage as poetry slam to the auto yards. More impressions with a picture gallery can be found in the tab next to it.

The term Autohof

A Auto Yard in Germany and in some districts of Austria is termed so, if no own exit (or access) to the freeway exists and the rest possibility is to be reached only over a freeway connection point (within 1 kilometer).

Expansion of the auto yards
Due to the fact that the growth of road freight traffic is increasing significantly, truck drivers are no longer able to keep their rest periods and the demands for comfort and safety are becoming more and more stringent, the Federal Ministry of Transport has adopted and favored the development of freeway service stations away from the highway in recent years.

Requirements for Autohofs in Germany
As early as 2001, the term”Autohof” included in the StVO, including its meaning for users of freeways and trunk roads. A number of requirements must therefore be met before one is allowed to call oneself a Autohof and is entitled to a sign on the freeway network. These are defined in the administrative regulations to the StVO (VwV-StVO) and must be observed.

These requirements are:

  • The Autohof may be located at a maximum distance of 1 km from the freeway junction
  • The road connection must be easily passable for heavy traffic
  • Consideration of the interests of third parties
  • The Autohof must be open every day, also on holidays and around the clock
  • There must be 50 truck parking spaces in low-traffic areas (DTV up to 50.000 motor vehicle) spaces are available and 100 truck parking spaces on more heavily trafficked highways
  • Car parking spaces must be provided separately
  • Refueling must be possible all day (24h)
  • For vehicle repairs, you must be informed by the Autohof a specialized workshop and service must be mentioned
  • A wide range of food must be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; outside these hours, drinks and snacks must be available
  • Sanitary facilities (toilet) must be handicapped accessible
  • Sanitary facilities must be equipped for the special needs of the driving personnel

In the freeway network Autohops shortly before the highway exit by signs 448.1 (lettering Autohof above the exit symbol on blue background) of the StVO pointed out.

Since these requirements did not become law until 2001, the possibility arises for facilities to call themselves auto yards even though they do not meet the criteria, or meet them only in part. The VEDA (Association of German Auto Yards e. V.) wants to get on the track of this and find a remedy. The licensing authorities must also work more consistently.

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