car purchase munich

We are used car dealers in Munich and buy vehicles also as accident vehicles for export.

We buy (almost) every car

Whether your car has an engine failure, no longer came through the TuV or has other defects. We buy almost every vehicle. Defective cars can often be repaired abroad cheaply and are therefore actually still worth money.

Wrap your Car sale about us. We are experienced used car dealers and have many years of experience in buying cars in Munich and all over Germany. The Sale is always fair, we pay a good price directly in cash and have no other intermediaries.

Numerous satisfied customers confirm of our serious way of working in car trading. Contact us now without obligation and offer us your old car for sale. We will contact you immediately.

Opening hours car purchase Munich

We are available for you every day from 7 to 21 o’clock.
Also on weekends and holidays.

Request a callback now!

We will be happy to call you and give you competent advice on selling your car.

Our guarantee when buying a car:

Cash payment on delivery or immediate bank transfer

No complaint from us

No hidden costs

Sale without risk for you

You want to sell your company car or reorganize the vehicle fleet?

If you sell your company car or the complete company fleet If you want to buy a car, we are also the right contact. We are able to buy also several vehicles from one stock. For questions about the settlement of the sale of company cars, please contact us directly, so that we can clarify all issues. If the cars are interesting for us, we will surely make a good deal with each other.

Offer us gladly all cars, even if they have damage or evtl. are not roadworthy. We also buy such cars, because they can be repaired abroad often still economically reasonable. This also includes total losses, transmission damage or engine damage.

Used car purchase: Call now!

We are happy to advise you and make you an offer on request.


If your car is no longer roadworthy or has major damage, we can make the Vehicle free of charge with our car transporter at your home or at the respective location of the car pick up.

cars with defects


TuV and main inspection - car purchase without TuV


Sell a car with damage





Car purchase of all brands – depending on year of manufacture and condition

An immediate purchase of your car for cash is usually possible in Munich within 30-60 minutes – depending on the traffic volume! Just call us or send us a message.

Car purchase BMW station wagon

We buy all BMW

Car purchase Fiat

Sell Fiat in Munich

Sell Kia

Sell Kia

Convertible good for sale

Car purchase Munich and used car trade

Do you want to sell your old car? On this page you can send us a Offer vehicle for sale. Please fill in the Car purchase form as completely as possible, so that we can offer you a good offert can make.

Stricter import regulations in many EU countries make the export of old vehicles and defective cars abroad more and more difficult. We dealers are forced to adapt to the conditions on the markets, what statements like “Buy any car” or “condition and year of manufacture don’t matter.” seems absurd. Therefore, pay close attention to the offers and conditions, Please check the offers you receive from buyers and be realistic about the price you expect to pay.

Older cars are much more difficult to be exported and can only be sold with much effort to the exporter, which unintentionally affects the price.

Do you want to sell your sell used car in good condition – at the best price? We will be happy to make you a fair offer for the purchase of your vehicle in Munich and the surrounding area.

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