Car glass repair

We, as a certified KS AUTOGLAS Center are your strong and competent partner in the region and your specialist in matters of car glass repair and car glass replacement.

We help with stone chip repairs

The most frequent car glass damages are stone chips. Basically we check if the stone chip is repairable and in the repair area. Only if the repair is not possible, the pane will be replaced. As a cooperation partner of many insurance companies, a stone chip repair i.d.R. free of charge by your partial casco – so there are no further costs for you. We handle the repair easily and conveniently with your insurance company.

We help with your windshield replacement

Only original parts are used for the replacement of the windscreen. This ensures that the tint and the fit match, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained. The costs for the replacement of the windscreen are also covered by your partial insurance, only the excess agreed by you with the insurance company has to be paid on the spot.



In principle, it is only possible to determine whether a repair is possible or whether the pane needs to be replaced after the pane has been inspected!

In advance it can be stated: a cracked pane may only be replaced!

You can tell if a repair is possible by the following clues:

  • if the stone chip is smaller than a 2 euro coin
  • if the stone chip is not in the field of vision
    (a ca. 30 cm wide area above the steering wheel)
  • if the stone chip is farther than 10 cm from the edge of the pane



Repairing a rock chip means more than just a cosmetic effect. The repair restores the stability and thus an important function of the windshield.

Often the damaged area is hardly visible after the repair, depending on the age, size and condition of the stone chip.

At KS we use the most modern repair methods and one of the best and highest quality resins available on the German market. That is why we give 10 years warranty on our repairs!

The best thing is that the costs are reimbursed by most insurance companies even if you have agreed on a deductible for glass damage.



If the windshield cannot be repaired, it must be replaced! Modern windows are bonded and often close flush with the bodywork with very narrow gaps. KS guarantees that the windshield can be cut out without damaging the paint or interior trim using special cutting methods, such as a highly tear-resistant nylon thread!

Our partner companies only use panes from original manufacturers such as z.B. Sekurit or Pilkington. Even the most modern windows, which are equipped with driver assistance systems, are no problem for the professionals at KS!

And as a rule, the required pane is available on site within 24 hours!



Glass damage is always covered by the partial cover insurance (even within the fully comprehensive insurance, which usually has a higher deductible).

Important: In the partial casco there is no no-claims bonus! This means they are not “upgraded” in the event of a claim!

You pay for the glass damage at most the agreed deductible, stone chip repairs are usually free of charge.

KS AUTOGLAS cooperates with almost all insurance companies. This means for you that we take over the complete damage settlement for you directly with the insurance centers.
No paperwork, no running – we do it for you!

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