Car dealer – your reliable partner in the car / motor vehicle – purchase and sale

Car dealer – your reliable partner in the car / truck / motor vehicle – purchase and sale. Also online!

Car dealers are many in Germany. In purely structural terms, the industry distinguishes at least two major main categories from each other.

On the one hand there are Contract car dealer, who are mostly concerned primarily with the sale and registration of new cars. And there are independent car dealers, whose core business is usually the brokerage and trade of used cars. And then there is the field of Export – Car Dealers, which are mostly specialized in the purchase of used cars.

Car dealers in Germany

These types of car trade can be distinguished in an ideal way. Of course, the transitions are fluid and cannot be completely separated from each other.

Contract car dealers

Contract car dealerships usually deal exclusively in new cars of all types and are closely linked in pricing with the car manufacturer. In the meantime, authorized dealers are also entering the used car market and trying to achieve higher prices for manufacturer-controlled vehicles with so-called “Approved Service Guarantees.

Free car dealers

Free car dealers dedicate themselves to the most different tasks and offers, thus there are dealers, who trade only small transporters or camper vans or evenly only truck. Depending on the requirements, one can find a specialized provider after some research. Also car parts are partly offered by independent car dealers.

export car dealers


Export car dealers are free car dealers who buy cars to export them to the world. Often repairs and overhauls take place beforehand in order to increase the sales price and the value of the car. Export car dealers are usually also active in the online trade of used cars. Autoankauf Online is also such an export car dealer.

Advantages in the cooperation with independent car dealers respectively. independent garages.

Those who have bought a vehicle and are not under the obligation of a leasing contract, for example, are usually free to choose their service points for the maintenance and servicing of their car. Independent car dealers or. Independent garages offer a much more attractive price-performance ratio than authorized dealers. This is due to the fact that often cheaper master hours are charged.

It is also the case that independent dealers are not bound by the price specifications of the major car companies and are not commissioned by them.

In a concrete example, it could be stated here that the free car dealers and garages will only replace your alternator if it is really broken and not if only one cable is loose. Provisioning models can have a negative impact on the price at authorized dealers. Reputable independent workshops tend to weigh up what is worthwhile and what is not in the interests of the customer.

Independent dealers also score points in vehicle valuation

Also, if you want to sell your car, you can trust free dealers rather than those contractually bound to car manufacturers.

The background here is that authorized dealers often always act with the aim of seeking the most profitable deal for them, the purchase of a new vehicle.

The probability that a bonded car dealer will tell you that your used car, with a few inexpensive repairs, is still good for 100.000km is rather rare. And that even if such a diagnosis would be obvious to professionals.

Retain car specialists in the life cycle of a vehicle

For car owners it is therefore of particular importance to find a car dealer they can trust. Those who have established a long-standing business relationship with a dealer will be more confident that they will not be cheated, as there is a long-term relationship of trust with mutual benefits. Loyalty and faithfulness are the links in the business relationship.

If you buy spare parts and wear parts from the same dealer for the whole life of your car, you ensure a predictable and sustainable turnover. The likelihood of the dealer jeopardizing such a relationship by possible cheating is extremely low

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