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27.08.2020 Tanja Klemm

Good morning. bought a piccanto from them. Seller mr kuhne a very sympathetic he seller very helpful a good seller takes his time.. very satisfied will recommend him..

We were advised competently and politely by Mr. Ridvan Durmus when buying our new car at Autohaus Bruggemann. We had a pleasant sales meeting and were able to conclude the sales contract with complete satisfaction.

From me not even one star. Appointment for a used car valuation and sales talk bzgl. of an almost 30000€ expensive vehicle made. On time appeared, and we learned that the seller was too warm and this went prematurely into the weekend. replacement salesman was completely lackadaisical. and for it over 100 km journey. That was outrageous. Never again.

So for what all you can instrumentalize the VAT reduction. Customers in the showroom show interest. but what are they thinking? On request for a salesman/consultant is looked times Abfallig in Richtng of the customer. One thinks. I am disturbing right now? As a prospective buyer of a 22.500,- € vehicle. Consultation only after appointment arrangement, one has finally to do, that does not go times at all that one could come still on the same day into the Gesproch. This stupid VAT reduction. You are let out of the building with a business card. Been to three other dealers on the same day, purchased countless new cars in the past. but never experienced such a thing. Okay I do not have to buy there. I think to myself. I do then also still on the same day. Better price, friendly advice and I hardly believe it. without an appointment.

28.06.2020 Peter Held

Day registration of a Jeep Cherokee. I should have been suspicious when I was offered a test drive only if I was “genuinely interested” was offered. Verbal agreement different from the written agreement. 2 weeks for a trailer hitch and registration! The wrong manual (Compass would be the same as Cherokee but are 300 pages more), because of Covid no delivery. The replacement salesman Mr. D. (I would never have bought the car from him), didn’t even know how to open the tailgate. Engine interior dirty at the handover and flash rust on the turbocharger! He could not have made a briefing anyway. The dealer in Soest has taken an hour for the briefing! Then the car wash did not work. They had when installing the trailer hitch the control software scraped. Had to be reset. Then the workshop in Soest did the same thing. Since after the sale in Dortmund no one wanted to care more. Manual I also still do not have. No apology, no goodwill nothing. They never see me again even if the price of the car was ok. The Cherokee itself is a great car and I am happy with it. Therefore also 2 stars and not only one.

Super advice from Mr. Vukic. I can only recommend to anyone interested. A salesman who really knows about cars.

25.08.2018 hpessen


After my ordered Qashqai was canceled I saw on the Internet almost the same equipment I had ordered. So I drove to Dortmund to the Bruggemann company and was pleasantly surprised how large and clean the exhibition area was. The branch manager showed us the car explained everything patiently and we bought the car. It was a one-day registration. The price was great and we were able to receive the car a few days later, checked and cleaned again. I would buy a vehicle from Bruggemann again at any time. Everything super thanks again.

The selection of vehicles on display is really impressive, as I did not suspect that there is a large hall attached to the showroom. The salesman who took care of my concerns was not pushy, very arranged and within his capabilities always strive to meet my customer needs. It arose with me at no time a feeling of time pressure with my decisions, although my subjective feeling was there a good-humored salesman but with complete time and deadline pressure took.Only decisions that had to be coordinated with the sales manager were a little hakeln. Now the service team came into the “boat”. This was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. There I met two contact persons, Mr. T and Mr. W, who immediately welcomed me in a friendly manner. I coordinated my wishes regarding the vehicle with Mr. W, who immediately took care of the matter and initiated all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth process. That’s what I call customer service, to have a feeling Here the customer is still king. Even my “annoying questions” were always taken seriously and explained to me in an understandable way. I can the customer service of the car dealership Bruggemann in Dortmund Eving for everyone only warmly recommend, because such a customer-oriented behavior in today’s time but falls by the wayside. Therefore 100%

Have bought a few years ago our Nissan there and financed. Unfortunately, we were forced to take out a residual debt insurance policy by Mr. Frank Muller, even though we did not want it. Unfortunately, we did not take the time to read all the small print, but we have signed directly where he pointed to . Since the first account statement was delivered only after three months, we also had no chance to object to the residual debt insurance more! So just 3.000 € paid for nothing! Because who believes that this insurance pays something will be taught better in case of emergency. because the clauses consist almost only of exclusion criteria. Our conclusion: NEVER AGAIN .

A salesman who did not know his offered models and information repeatedly in the workshop .

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