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Dear customers and business partners, “” the past year 2020 was a year which will certainly be remembered by all of us with lasting effect. We had to learn to deal with unexpected limitations. Dear habits and human closeness were suddenly no longer a matter of course. This has taken many of us, humanly and professionally, to our limits.–>

Your team from Autohaus Becker –>

Car service - services around the car

Services around your vehicle

We offer you:
Workshop services for all car brands.

Purchase and sale of used cars.

TuV preparation, inspection,
engine and transmission repair,

Tire service and much more.


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Automotive service - services for every aspect of the car

Service Maintenance
battery check
Coolant fluids
Change tires
and much more.

Car service - services around the car

We offer:
Workshop services for all car brands.

From the annual inspection, brake pads and oil service to the
to the toothed belt change, we take over all maintenance work
for all makes, we work according to manufacturer specifications and
ensure the perfect function of your car.

car service - services around the car

We are your reliable partner in vehicle reconditioning,
repair and all maintenance work.

In our master car repair shop car repairs include,
AU and HU to our daily tasks.

We attach great importance to the expertise of our employees,
high quality with optimal price-performance ratio,
on-time completion and customer satisfaction!
Our passion is our profession

Automotive service - services for every aspect of the car

For all engine repairs and vehicle types are all
Special tools available. Engine overhauls
are carried out by us comprehensively and completely.

Because the life of your vehicle is also close to our heart.
An engine must basically run smoothly every day, we make sure of that
through diagnostics and repair services!

Important is the regular maintenance of your engine.
Nothing can have more serious consequences for you than undiscovered damage,
for example on the cylinders or on the gearbox.

A defective timing belt can quickly lead to engine failure.
Considerable costs or an economic total loss can result from
regular checks and prompt repair are avoided.

If nevertheless something should not work, we are gladly there for you.
We look for and recognize the error and guarantee you the
proper overhaul and repair of your engine.

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Here you can find us: Landauer Street 16, 76887 Bad Bergzabern, Germany

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Call us: +49 6343 9382984 and +49 176 72673493

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Get in touch with us

Here you can find us

Here you can find us:
Landauer Street 16, 76887 Bad Bergzabern, Germany

Call us

Call us:
+49 6343 9382984 and
+49 176 82038835

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Send us a message:

We are happy to help you by phone or
available in a personal conversation.

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Very friendly and helpful staff

Top Price-performance ratio

Quickly and competent

The Becker car dealership

is your competent contact,
around your car

Your trust is important to us

New – TuV in the house

Car service - New TuV in the house

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The blue church mobile with the yellow lettering of the Protestant parish and the House of the Family
is actually an integral part of the cityscape of Bad Bergzabern. It was constantly on the road, especially in recent months: shopping for seniors and people with disabilities who do not like to leave the house because of “Corona”, delivering food from the “Tafel” to needy people, for whom the way to the food store in the Kettengasse has long become much too burdensome and also the one or other trip to the doctor’s visit or the hospital … the blue car just had to roll!

Above all also, because by Corona the requests to the Central Contact Point for Seniors (ZAS) for driving services or support have increased and we often could no longer manage with the spacious car of the ZAS alone.
When the frequent trips to the vaccination centers were added, both cars were used very often – until the day when “the blue one” simply gave up the ghost.
We had just passed the TuV (Technical Inspection Agency) and the logbook was already full again – then the gearbox went on strike and we knew that it would certainly be so expensive that we could not really afford to repair it – we do a lot of driving on a voluntary basis and in return for donations.
With a heavy heart, we decided to virtually shut down our church mobile and somehow organize ourselves so that we can make all the trips we want with just one car. But that did not work at all. Often our drivers even used their private cars to take someone to the vaccination center or to physiotherapy, for example.

Yes, and we almost could have sold our church mobile even for a few euros – but there came the message from
Car service Alexander Becker from Bad Bergzabern.
He knows our “Blue” – had it already several times on his lifting platform.

When he heard about our big problem, he picked up the phone, reached senior citizen Rainer Brunck and made a really great offer. He said something like:” You have been helping the people here for so long – especially now in this situation. And I want it to be business as usual, so I’m helping you now! I repair the church mobile, at my expense. I like what you do!”

Well, not only Rainer Brunck was speechless. The whole team was really amazed. We would never have expected such a gift. We are happy that our church mobile will soon be part of the cityscape again and that we will get all our rides for the people here organized again without stress and chaos.
For this and also for the great appreciation of our work in the House of the Family, the church community and the Central Contact Point for Senior Citizens, we would like to thank Autoservice Alexander Becker and his team!

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