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Each of us at least once tried to squeeze through a crowd of fans to a star. Whether it is a pop star, a movie or a famous politician, it does not matter. The main thing is to give the coveted “squiggle” from the hand of his idol. How do I get autographs of the stars today? And are among them the safest?


“Autographs are 100% or how to get an autograph for free?”

If you have never asked for an autograph, you should read the informative book by Sergey Lunenko entitled “Autographs 100% or how to get an autograph for free?” Read. In this issue you will find many useful tips, many of which involve a certain risk. In the first case, for example, it is suggested to expect a star near the “back door”, where the celebrity most often leaves after a tiring concert, premiere or other public appearance.

However, this method, as the author of the original training manual for fans warns, does not give any guarantees. That is, you can be long in the “escape route” stand and do not get an autograph of the star. People in creative professions are almost unpredictable. They can come from a completely different side or approach the fans through the manager and explain that they are not ready to communicate, for example, due to fatigue.

Next to you near the “back door there will also be many other “hunters on the picture” give. And when your idol appears, the crowd can abruptly move in his direction. Therefore, there is always a risk that you will simply be crushed or injured.


Autograph on the street or at the airport

Autographs from celebrities (you can find photos of some celebrities in our article), when you literally “surprise” the star. You can get them, for example, at the airport, in a cafe, in a store, etc. meet. However, for this you must know exactly at least an approximate route of a celebrity.

In principle, the method is not bad. However, it is not effective if you do not have reliable acquaintances who could “gather” information about the star for a fee.

Autograph session as a way to get the signature of the star

The second option is less traumatic and more legitimate. It offers timely participation in autograph sessions, where you can easily get autographs from stars. At such events there are usually journalists who are familiar with the activities of the celebrity fans.

You can learn this session with a star from the following sources:

  • from the official forums of fans of the artist;
  • from the press office or from a celebrity manager;
  • On the official resources of the star (this includes sites, fan pages on social networks, etc.).);
  • from the press or advertising.

The advantage of this option is minimal risks and the absence of traumatic factors. From the minuses – you have little chance to get there, if among journalists there are no friends or other people who are in contact with the stars.

Is it possible to get autograph stars by mail?

If running, rushing and stress is not for you, there is an easier way to get the necessary carrot. In particular, today it is realistic to order autographs of stars by mail. This can also be done in two ways. The most difficult is to find e-mail addresses themselves. For this you need to spend a lot of time loading websites, forums and other sources. For example, the “electronica” By Chuck Norris public domain.

To search for the postal address, you can go to celebritiesfans.Look up com, where there is not only information about celebrities, but also links to their official websites and pages in social networks.

For example, actress Sharon Stone lives in:


Also, you can send a letter requesting an autograph to this address. It is recommended to insert an additional envelope with your return address.

And the second option – contact the specialized online autograph store and buy one.

How to write a letter to a star asking for an autograph?

For example, if you need autographs of rock stars and have chosen a more complicated option for reception, you should follow certain rules when writing a letter. First, if you ask a Hollywood celebrity, the text of the letter must be in English. If you do not speak this language, it is sufficient to write a preliminary text of the letter and translate it with an online translator. Let this letter is not quite right from the point of view of grammar, but the importance of his star will certainly be noticeable.

Second, write your name in Latin so that it is much easier for a star to sign a photo or card for you. Thirdly, do not write anything superfluous in the text of the letter to get autographs from Hollywood stars. It is enough to say hello, say a few words about how long you have been a fan of celebrity creativity, and ask to send you a photo and signature. And then – wait for an answer. Of course you can not say anything for sure here. Getting an autograph in this case is directly dependent on pure luck.


How to order an autograph online?

If you go to the online store “Avtografomaniya” want to order an autograph, simply log on to the website and select from the catalog the available autographs. For convenience, all celebrities are divided into the following headings:

  • all the stars;
  • Musicians;
  • TV presenters;
  • Actors
  • Stars factory.

For example, here you can find the complicated signatures of Soso Pavliashvili, Anfisa Chekhova, Potap and Nastya, Mikhail Grebenshchikov, and even the KVN team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt”. Official autograph price – from 500 rubles. In this case, the cost varies from the size of the photo or poster, which in its time signed a star. Thus, the signed poster of the Chilean singer of A3 size will cost her fans 800 rubles, and the postcard in A5 format will cost 500 rubles.

The main advantage is that the autographs are really authentic. On the website you can see the video confirmation with the star itself.


Among the minuses you can highlight the fact that the signature is not personalized, that is, the celebrity does not address you, but simply puts the standard autograph. In addition to the price, the signature of the star also includes payment for the delivery of your order. The cost in Moscow, for example, will cost 350 rubles. And here, of course, you won’t find any Hollywood stars – only celebrities from local show business.

Where else can you buy star autographs?

In addition to the above options, you can purchase a celebrity’s autograph on fan forums, social networks, private message boards, and online auctions. For example, molotok as the most famous auction. Here you will find not only autographs of soccer stars, but also astronauts. For example, the starting price of a photo with the signature of Marilyn Monroe is 390 thousand rubles.


In short, if you have already decided to buy an autograph of your favorite star, do not stop and do everything to realize your plans!

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