That had Heike Becker not expected: Leon Goretzka, Fußballstar in the ranks  of Bayern München, sent her a hand-signed jersey and again Grüße.

Heike Becker is known to many Gladbeckers, because she has also been involved locally for years against bullying. Children are especially close to her heart, which is why she also wrote the “Leon says no” book has written and designed. A book that has long been known far beyond the city limits. Some time ago, Heike Becker sent professional soccer player Leon Goretzka a voucher copy. Goretzka is currently one of the top performers for record champions Bayern.

  • Gladbeck
  • 24.09.20

On the 'Zeltfestival Ruhr' is created currently one of theömost unusual autographs in the Revier.  From left: Pamela Falcon, Reinhard Glowka and Stefanie Schleef

For years, the Witten police have also regularly taken care of security at the Tent Festival Ruhr at the Kemnader Reservoir, which will continue until Sunday, 1. September, runs.But that’s not the only reason: For years, the Witten police have also regularly supported the Ruhr Area Children’s Hospice with donations collected through various campaigns. A few weeks ago, an idea developed in the Witten police station: Couldn’t the artists who perform on the 17 days of the festival be.

  • Witten
  • 27.08.19

In his book 'Heimatliebe' has star chef Nelson Müller bodenständige Rezepte für Jedermann zusammengefasst.

“Love of home is a cookbook of down-to-earth cuisine with refined home cooking from the well-known TV and star chef Nelson Muller. The author feels just as deeply attached to his homeland, Swabia, as he does to the coast or the Ruhr region. In his new book, this love of home is literally tangible with the hands and can be experienced with the palate. We at the Lokalkompass are giving away three original signed copies of “Heimatliebe”, which the cook yesterday exclusively with us in the new.

  • Essen
  • 20.03.19

Rote Rosen, grünë Augen und ein strahlendes Lächeln: Der  „Bachelor 2019“, Andrej Mangold macht Samstag gern Fotos mit seinen Fans.

For two hours, the Bachelor Andrey Mangold wants to play on 23. March in Dortmund’s Thier Galerie from 4 to 6 p.m. to sign autographs. As a professional basketball player he played in the national team, then he distributed in the 9. season of the RTL dating show Rosen. Fans can get very close to the 1.90 m tall entrepreneur on Saturday in the 2. On Sunday, 21, you can experience the second floor of the shopping center, get his autograph and take photos with him. Andrej Mangold, who works on 14. Born in Hanover, Germany, on January 1, 1987, has been playing since.

  • Dortmund-City
  • 18.03.19

TV star Sidney Hoffmann makes cars and Motorräder into unique pieces. Friday he signs autographs

Car tuner Sidney Hoffmann signs autographs at Thier Galerie

Ps pro Sidney Hoffmann signs autographs in Dortmund on Friday. At 4 p.m., the well-known car tuner will sign his book at the Thier Galerie, entrance Hoher Wall. He is the boss of the successful car tuning company Sidney Industries – Sidney Hoffmann. Most people know him as a wisecracker and charmer from the SPORT1 show “Die PS Profis,” in which he hosted seven seasons full of brash humor. The show has a cult following and, according to Focus, is one of “the best car shows in the.

  • Dortmund-City
  • 06.06.18

Angelo Kelly with his family in the new home: Ireland. Her has the musician dedicated an album to

From Ireland to Dortmund: Angelo Kelly comes to Thier-Galerie

After his comeback with the Kelly Family, Angelo Kelly announces an appearance in Dortmund. For the autograph session comes the singer on Tuesday, 29.May, at 17 o’clock in the Thier gallery to Dortmund. With the 36-year-old wants to bring “Irish Heart”, his new album. Yes, music continues in this generation of Kellys: Angelo has been making music with his wife and their five children for several years now. “In 2010, we moved into a mobile home, left everything behind and lived on very little. But we.

  • Dortmund City
  • 25.05.18

Roosters welcome second-division team Frankfurt / Sunday season-opening party for fans

Next weekend, the preparation phase of the Iserlohn Roosters for the upcoming DEL season really takes off for the first time. On Friday, 19. August, the first test stands for the new team on the program. Against the Frankfurt Lions from the DEL 2 the newcomers of the Roosters want to show the fans in their own arena what they are capable of. On Sunday, 21. August, then the fans are in the center at the season opening celebration, this time on a farm. Under the motto.

  • Iserlohn
  • 18.08.16

At the signing session with the Großmasters in the Sparkasse came üover 100 autograph jäger.  Just under half of them were enthusiastic children and teenagers

Next Chess Meeting will be dedicated to Vladimir Kramnik

He has won the grandmaster tournament ten times, now it will be dedicated to him: “Vladimir Kramnik will celebrate his 25th anniversary in 2017 with ‘his’ Sparkassen Chess-Meeting. To honor this extraordinary loyalty, we will dedicate next year’s event to three-time world champion. It will be called “Dortmunder Sparkassen Chess-Meeting – Wladimir Kramnik-Turnier”!”With these words, Mayor Birgit Jorder and Sparkasse board member Dirk Schaufelberger surprised the guests at the.

  • Dortmund-City
  • 15.07.16

Das Trikot von Marina Wozniak (vorne, 2. v. li. ) should get a good place on the palliative care unit  photo: A. Thiele

The power of soccer

Soccer is much more than just a game. The commitment of referee Marina Wozniak as well as doctors and lawyers, from which the palliative care unit at the EvK Herne benefits, is proof of how much this sport connects. Every two years, medical professionals from Herne swap their scrubs and legal experts their suits for jerseys and cleats to meet on the soccer field. This game has been going on since 2004. Organizer of the charity match is the initiative “Active for Palliative. For usual.

  • Herne
  • 07.08.15

Ein Treffen mit der Band „Luxuslärm“ war natürlich für die Grundschulband „Im Wiesengrund“ etwas ganz Besonderes.  Our photo shows „Luxury Lärm“members together with the elementary school band and music teacher Kai Platthaus (front)

The band project boosts self-confidence

When even a successful musician like Luxuslarm drummer Jan Zimmer is at a loss for words, something extraordinary must have happened. A school band project at the Im Wiesengrund elementary school. Marcel Tetzlaff, head of the open all-day program at the elementary school, has known Jan Zimmer “for ages”. The two got to chatting and Marcel Tetzlaff explained his “band considerations”. Principal Anja Ihme was inaugurated and immediately began the.

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