Autograph cards of the national players

Autogramme sind fur jeden Fan etwas Besonderes, besonders wenn der Lieblingssportler diese mit einer personlichen Widmung versieht. The motives for collecting autograph cards of the world champions are very different. In most cases it is the admiration of a personality, of a national player of the DFB (German Football Association). Aber nicht nur die sind vorrangig, es ist auch das Interesse an beruhmten Sportlern. It is not always the children or young people who want autographs from their idols. Even adults like to decorate themselves with an autograph of the world champions. Today the passion for collecting goes so far that horrendous sums of money are paid for an autograph of a famous personality. In particular, the soccer autographs of players from Germany, who have not been in the soccer scene for a long time, up to the popular stars de DFB.

national player autograph cards

Autographs of national players more sought after than ever before

Autogrammkarten des aktuellen Kaders und auch von der sportlichen Leitung mit den faksimile Unterschriften sind Sammlerstucke fur alle Fans der Nationalmannschaft. On the back of each card is more information about the player, such as the position in the squad or the first international match appearance with the match result. But how to get the autographs of the national players?? The DFB is happy to send autograph cards at no cost, only a stamped envelope should be enclosed with the request.

To do this, write to:

German Football Association.V. (DFB)
Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6
60528 Frankfurt/Main

As a rule, no complete sets of the entire team or. do not send signed cards, as the demand is generally much higher than the available receipts. One should bring along already something patience with the Zustellung, since the demand, particularly in the time approximately or. during a World Cup is very high. In addition, waiting times can arise when new cards are printed again.

Autographs of Bundesliga referees are also sent by the DFB if a sufficiently stamped envelope is enclosed with the request. The World Cup winner autograph card set 2014 of the German national soccer team, the title “The team” is available in the 4-star edition with 27 autograph cards of the world champion 2014, as well as the sporting management. The front and back are decorated with sophisticated player portraits with trophy and facsimile signatures in gold printing. The golden boys in limited edition can be ordered in a noble box.

Buy autograph cards

A complete set of cards with the facsimile signatures (the signatures are printed on them) of the national players, can be purchased at Amazon.

Autograph cards of the final winning goal scorer Mario Gotze

To get autograph cards of the world champions, you can write to the DFB or to the player himself. Autograph cards of Mario Gotze can be ordered from his address. These are autograph cards signed by hand and sent out once a month. Autograph requests by mail are not processed, but only the requests by mail. Mario Gotze has ordered new DFB autograph cards for his fans. He is shown in the kit of the national team and also in close-up.To do this, write to:

SportsTotal GmbH
c/o Mario Gotze
Konrad Adenauer bank 83
50668 Cologne

Do not forget a stamped envelope!

There is also some additional information such as the size and date of birth of the Munich player. A world champion player is the young Mario Gotze, he plays for the best club and has shot his team to the world championship title. Not only are autograph cards of the world champion player sent from his fan address, Mario Gotze also signs autographs in a Schwabing children’s clinic.

Autographs ordered directly from the club

With some soccer clubs it is possible to receive autographs from the players themselves. Only at FC Bayern Munich the cards are sent by mail, also via an auction signed photos of the soccer players can be purchased. With the written request, a sufficiently stamped envelope must be sent to the address of FC Bayern Munich. If more than four autograph cards are requested, a return envelope DIN C6 or, in the case of a whole set of autograph cards, a DIN 5 envelope will be enclosed. The waiting time can be as long as six months. Patience is the order of the day. With autograph cards with printed signatures it goes faster. In addition, only one set of autograph cards per fan is sent per season. Personal items such as T-shirts, photos or newspaper clippings are not considered. There is also the possibility to get autographs via auction. There fans have the opportunity to get many fan items. To do this, you only have to place your own bid for the desired item.

The passion of collecting autograph cards
Not only by the DFB or the fan address of the national players, autograph cards can be acquired. Also Amazone offers DFB Autograph Card Set German National Players World Champion 2014 Germany World-Cup Germany. The cards are an everlasting souvenir and are provided with printed signatures.
Autograph cards from the world champion are as coveted as those of pop stars and a real collector’s item for all fans of the national team.
Everyone’s passion for collecting is very different. In most cases, it is the admiration for a personality, as well as for the ELF who brought the world championship title to Germany. If you contact the person from whom you want an autograph, you will get the coveted signature in a safe way. By mail you write to the player or the club. But here it is not sure that you get an authentic signature.

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