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Vehicles with LPG are an interesting alternative to gasoline or diesel. If you know the network of filling stations well, you do not have to worry about an empty tank.

The decision has been made: The next vehicle should have an autogas drive system. Price-conscious drivers appreciate the low cost of fuel. Compared to natural gas, the supply in Germany is also much better. Nevertheless you need a reasonable refueling strategy. On the one hand, not every gas station in Germany offers LPG. On the other hand, prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day. If you fill up cleverly, you can save a lot of money. So it is definitely worthwhile to develop a personal refueling strategy. Of course, the most important thing is that you don’t run out of fuel on the road. However, with good planning and a little research, it is possible to always be well supplied with cheap LPG.

Coverage is the problem

Probably the biggest challenge for motorists in Germany is that the network of autogas filling stations is still nowhere near as comprehensive as the supply of classic operating fuels. Although autogas is available in Germany far more frequently than natural gas for cars, by no means every filling station offers autogas. So, if you are going to travel with the vehicle over further distances, you should inform yourself well in advance to know where there are refueling stations with autogas along your route. In the best case, you should check where you can get LPG before you start your journey. You may have to take a detour or leave the highway or interstate to do so.

In many regions there is a car station near the highway. There you can refuel and have your vehicle repaired. You should definitely consider such car stations when looking for a filling station with LPG. Independent gas stations are also a good option, because their offers are significantly cheaper compared to the major providers. First and foremost, it is important that the supply of LPG is ensured for you on the road. You should make a note of the filling stations you have chosen along your route. So remember to fill up in good time so you don’t run out of fuel on the road.

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The problem of coverage arises, of course, especially when traveling, but also at home it is important that you know appropriate points of contact. Check where the next filling station with the alternative fuel is located and drive to it in good time. Of course, it does not hurt to inform yourself about several variants on site. Maybe you need to fill up once on the way to work. You may not be able to get home from work if you have not refueled. Ultimately, therefore, you should inform yourself well about where you can fill up at your place of residence and in the surrounding area. This is how you develop a spatial strategy in order to have a LPG-fueled car in front of your door at all times.

How to find the cheapest filling station

However, your refueling strategy is not limited to spatial planning; the cost of the LPG also plays a decisive role. The price differences for autogas are similarly diverse as the prices for gasoline and diesel. On the one hand, they vary according to the day of the week, and on the other hand, they also sometimes fluctuate depending on the time of day. For you as a motorist, the guideline is that it usually becomes more expensive to fill up your vehicle from midweek onwards, towards the weekend. But also on Monday the prices climb upwards. Regular observation of the data at the filling stations in your vicinity will help here. You will soon get a feeling for the days on which you can refuel cheaply with LPG. Ultimately, suppliers respond to the demand of motorists. High demand drives up the price. So the only thing left for you to do is to watch the market regularly in order to fill up cheaply.

In addition to the day of the week, the time of day also plays a role when you are looking for a cheap filling station. At night or in the early morning, the prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG are particularly high. Even in the late evening you have to pay more money for fuel. In the morning and during the day, the prices of all fuels decrease continuously. Experience shows that a low point is reached in the early evening. Then you fill up especially cheap. As soon as it appears that you will have to refuel soon, it is best to check the prices for LPG at the gas stations in the area. Perhaps you can arrange to fill up at a time when prices are particularly attractive.

An app shows the way

You can find the cheapest filling station for LPG in your area or on your travel route on the Internet. There are useful apps that allow you to check on the road where you can currently fill up with LPG at a reasonable price. The corresponding apps are usually optimized for all mobile devices and can be launched from any model and any common operating system. This way you can easily determine whether a detour is worthwhile or whether the next filling station is the better alternative after all. So with a mobile fuel price comparison app, you’ll always be up to date, and you can tailor your next visit to the gas station to the cheapest time and day.

Hybrid vehicles as a smart alternative

To ensure that your LPG car does not unexpectedly leave you with an empty tank, it may be worthwhile to purchase a hybrid vehicle. Some manufacturers have launched vehicles that combine the alternative autogas powertrain with an electric powertrain. Such vehicles are considered particularly environmentally friendly. Although the supply on the market is currently still manageable, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the complementary electric drive when purchasing a vehicle powered by autogas. This gives you another source of fuel if you run out of LPG and need to drive to the nearest gas station. This reduces the risk of not being able to refuel your vehicle sufficiently. They ensure that you remain mobile even on longer journeys and do not have to search desperately for a filling station with LPG or accept a longer detour.


A smart strategy saves costs and hassle

A well thought-out refueling strategy will also save you trouble as a driver of an LPG vehicle. You reduce your refueling costs by comparing prices by day of the week and time of day. But you also minimize your travels in search of a filling station near you if you know exactly whether you can fill up cheaply.
When comparing prices, you might use an app for mobile devices. It tells you where you can fill up cheaply with just a few entries. Basically, a refueling strategy for LPG vehicles does not differ significantly from a strategy for refueling with classic drive types. You just have to make sure that you find a filling station with LPG near your home or along your travel route. How to ensure a cheap and timely supply of the alternative fuel.

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