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Third party car insurance is compulsory – without it no vehicle is allowed on the road. The auto liability insurance protects the damage caused to third parties by an accident. It covers personal injury as well as property damage and financial loss. Upgrades of the auto liability insurance are the partial cover and the fully comprehensive insurance. Partial insurance covers certain damages to the own vehicle – comprehensive insurance also covers damages to the own vehicle in case of self-inflicted accidents. Read here all information and details about the three components of car insurance – and make a good decision which car insurance suits you and your life.

The car insurance includes three different components: the motor liability, the motor partial cover and the motor comprehensive insurance. In this context, motor liability is considered the basic motor insurance, without which no car is allowed on the road. When we talk about auto liability insurance, we mean motor vehicle liability insurance. If the auto liability insurance – or motor vehicle liability insurance – is mandatory by law, partial and fully comprehensive insurance are voluntary upgrades.

Car liability insurance covers both the driver and the owner of a vehicle if they have to pay damages to third parties. So if you’re at fault for an accident, your auto liability insurance will pay for the damages. For example, for damages such as the cost of repairing someone else’s car. But the motor liability does not cover the damage to your own car. For such damages, which are caused to you and your vehicle in case of culpable behavior, you need a different coverage.

What are the benefits of auto liability insurance?

Auto liability pays for a variety of damages, such as:

  • Personal injury: Rescue and medical expenses and costs of rehabilitation of the victim of an accident. Depending on the case, compensation for pain and suffering is also paid.
  • Property damage: Costs of depreciation or the replacement value in case of total loss as well as re-registration or towing fees count here as well as repair costs for the vehicle involved. The costs of damaged buildings, traffic signs or the expert opinions of a lawyer are also covered.
  • Property damage: If the injured party claims loss of earnings.

Minimum coverage amounts for motor liability insurance

Your auto liability insurance should have as high coverage as possible for the various types of claims. By law, a minimum amount of 7.5 million euros is foreseen for personal damages. For property damage, there must be at least 1.12 million euros of coverage – and for financial losses, 50.000 Euro.

However, car insurance companies usually offer much higher sums. The reason: If the amount of damage exceeds the coverage amount, you are obligated to pay the difference yourself. In order to have enough security in case of emergency, make sure you have as much coverage as possible.

Exceptions: when the car liability insurance does not pay

If a stone thrown up from the road causes damage to your windshield, your car liability does not pay. Similarly, motor vehicle liability does not pay for excessive or unjustified claims made against you by someone involved in an accident. In such a case, motor liability even functions as legal protection.

Driving without motor liability insurance is considered a criminal offense – you are only allowed to drive an uninsured vehicle on private property. In addition, however, there are special cases in which a driver nevertheless does not have auto liability insurance.

In the following situations and in the absence of motor insurance applies:

  • Drivers without auto liability insurance: the traffic victim assistance possibly steps in
  • Intentional accident: here also the traffic victim assistance compensates possibly
  • Foreign driver: the traffic victim assistance can compensate
  • Hit and run: in case of non-identification of the causer, the car liability insurance does not pay
  • hit and run with a stolen vehicle: the car liability insurance of the owner takes over the damage

What is the term of your auto liability insurance??

As a rule, your auto liability insurance runs from 01. January until 31. December. One month before expiration of your contract is a cancellation possible. The cut-off date for this is therefore the 30.11. of an insurance year. Without cancellation, you automatically extend your car liability insurance for another year. Even if you register in the current year, the insurance year is valid until the 31st day.12. Your contract for the auto liability insurance runs in the first year thus to 31.12. – and then for a whole year, the full twelve months. Some insurances offer other conditions.

Exceptions: the special right of termination

The special right of cancellation provides for three situations in which you can cancel within the year:

  1. when buying a new vehicle
  2. In case of an increase of your premiums by your car insurance company. However, not everything is considered as a premium increase.
  3. After a claim settlement. Both you and your car insurance company can give a subsequent special notice within one month.

Motor liability: Differences to fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance

In the motor insurance there are the three variants motor liability, partial cover and comprehensive insurance. Here’s how they differ:

  • Motor liability: If you cause an accident, the motor vehicle liability insurance covers all damages incurred by a third party.
  • Partial cover: Certain other damage to your own vehicle, for example, lightning strike, hail or theft of your car, the partial casco takes over. All benefits of the motor vehicle liability are also included.
  • fully comprehensive insurance: All damage to your car in a self-inflicted accident as well as all benefits of the motor liability and partial cover are covered by the comprehensive insurance. Unless alcohol or drugs are involved at the wheel.

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third party liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance? What is worth?

A fully comprehensive insurance pays off especially for new cars or cars in mint condition. Even for leased vehicles, comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory.

At a certain value of your vehicle, the partial cover is generally worthwhile. If your car is already getting on in years, without being a classic car, motor vehicle liability insurance is sufficient.

In detail: the partial casco

Partial cover is generally suitable for used cars that are more than four years old but still have value.

A partial casco covers damage over which you have little to no control, such as:

  • Wild accidents
  • Fire or explosion
  • Glass breakage
  • Theft
  • Scorching damage to the wiring in the event of a short circuit
  • direct impact of lightning, storm, hail or flooding

Partial cover: these costs are covered

Partial casco covers costs for:

  • Towing service
  • Repair
  • Simple transport or freight costs
  • special costs such as for the measurement during an inspection
  • Salvage, for example in case of total loss

However, as a rule, partial coverage does not cover the cost of:

  • Depreciation
  • Rental car
  • Loss of use

In detail: the comprehensive insurance

Partial cover and auto liability insurance are always included in comprehensive cover. However, fully comprehensive insurance provides much more than partial insurance and also covers damage in the event of:

  • self-inflicted accidents as well as
  • Vandalism.

Excluded, however, is the assumption of damages for driving without a license, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with intent.

What is the cost of full?

The type class of your car determines very much the amount of your contribution in the comprehensive insurance. This is due to the fact that some types of cars, for example, are stolen more often or are damaged when stolen. So before you buy a new car, you hold the key to a lot of your own costs.

In addition, your car insurance calculates your comprehensive insurance based on other criteria – such as the number of accidents in your region or the average age of drivers. The following factors tip the scales:

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