Zondaming machine

Zondaming machine

Modena (Italy), 5. June 2013 – What do the VW Passat, Zastava Yugo and the Pagani Zonda have shared? They are named after winches. Anyway, the special machine construction in the field of supercar of the Horacio Pagani – if you "small small series" Roughly tensile so survive – always delivers amazing. His Zondas achieved careful peak times on the Nurburgring Nordschleife: 6:47 minutes managed the racing version Zonda R, and even the stainable variant Zonda F Clubsport is located at 7:24 minutes. As a crown and completion of the series, Pagani now brings the Zonda Revolucion. Pagani wants to inspire with the revolucion both by peak performance on the racetrack as well as by exclusivity in a car collection. Both not just price-cut factors, each of the FUF built Pagani Zonda Revolucion is already sold for around 2.6 million euros.

748 hp for the ton

For the good performance, weight had to be saved: the 1070 kilograms of the Revolucion has reached the designer mainly through the monocoque construction from titanium and carbon fiber. That does not sound spectacular, but the super sports car is driven by a not just slight six-v12 of AMG-Mercedes, from the Pagani and his manner 800 hp, plus 730 nm torque tickle. Converted to the ton 748 hp.

Fast milliseconds

The sequential six-speed gearbox should change gear changes in "20 milliseconds" create (the engineering indication in milliseconds sounds fast, "Two hundredths of a second" Ware fully enough, just that you do not sound so fast anymore.

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