Zetsche: carsharing is an opportunity – not threat

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche has praised the carsharing business as a growth chance for the carmakers. The fear of some manufacturers in front of this new idea is completely unfounded, the manager argued during the fair CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, according to the previously distributed editorial manuscript. "Of course – in an industry that has sold for more than 100 years of cars, some colleagues think that carsharing borders communism. But if that should be the case, then: Viva La Revolucion!", he said.

The potential growth of this young industry is anything but a threat for the core corporation of the car maker – it is a merit chance. Since CarSharing could make his own car overall for city people, carmaker the concept also critically critically – they invested in the loyalty of their clients decades and supported the dream of their own car with advertising.

Daimler had already entered carsharing with the Car2go brand already in 2008. The originated in Ulm from the baptism offered offer for the spontaneous disposable rental range of cars is now available in several city in North America and Europe, including Hamburg and Vienna. In Amsterdam and in Stuttgart, purely electric car2go fleets are to start.

With Car2Gether, the Group now promotes that people offer specifically coordinates – about their internet-wing mobile phone. If you are interested in taking this, then the existing offer is displayed to the desired destination.

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