Xiaomi mi 11 ultra: smartphone with 1-1.12-inch sensor and backside display

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Smartphone with 1-1.12-inch sensor and backside display

Xiaomis New Top Handy is called Mi 11 Ultra: The smartphone should score with a particularly coarse sensor, modern equipment and a second display on the back side. This has its price: The Gerat should cost internationally from 1200 euros, said Xiaomi – the final prizes for the German market could deviate from it. When the device comes into the trade is not known yet.

Apparently roughly the sensor of the main camera with 1 / 1.12 inches and 1.4 microns coarse sensor pixels. It is the ISOCELL GN2 presented at the end of February, Samsung, one of the previously large sensors for smartphone cameras. With the coarse chip, the camera encounters a lot of light information – which especially the night mode was allowed to benefit. For comparison: The sensor of Sony’s Edelkompakcamera RX100 VII is hardly coarse with 1 inch.

Rear screen

In addition to the main camera, MI 11 Ultra has an ultra-wide angle camera with 48 megapixels, a telephoto camera with 48 megapixels as well as a front camera with 20 megapixels. Exactly this selfie cam should not be done at the MI 11 Ultra but not at all: at the back side next to the Triple-Cam sits a small second display, which can be used as a display for selfie recordings with the main camera.

This second display is an Amoled panel with a diagonal of 1.1 inches. In addition to the live preview for selfie recordings, it can also display or display in-depth notifications as an always-on display. The main display of MI 11 Ultra is 6.8 inches roughly, has a resolution of 3200 x 1440 pixels and a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hertz. The Chinese manufacturer also sets here on an Amoled panel.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Smartphone with 1-1.12-inch sensor and backside display

The Mi 11 Ultra has a small display on the back side, which is intended, among other things, as a display for selfie recordings. Here it shows the time.

Xiaomi has also opted for a Snapdragon 888: The current SOC of Qualcomm uses the processor core Cortex-X1 and the 5G modem Snapdragon X60, which also masters the middle 5G frequency bander. The Snapdragon 888 has a total of eight cores: a clocked with 2.84 GHz, three cores working with 2.4 GHz and the remaining four cores reach up to 1.8 GHz. The battery of Mi 11 Ultra has a capacity of 5000 mAh and can be loaded via USB-C cable or wirelessly with up to 67 watts.

With 12 GB of RAM, Xiaomi builds more than enough memory in the Mi 11 Ultra, the mobile phone has 256 GB of storage space. A microSD slot does not have 11 ultra, but a dual SIM slot.

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