Workshop from mac i: last chance for app programming with flutter

Workshop from Mac  Amp; I: Last chance for app programming with flutter

Google’s platform-wide framework Flutter allows for a rapid development of apps both for iOS and Android – without typical disadvantages of web technologies. In a two-day online workshop from Mac I, the experienced developer Klaus Rodewig leads through the programming with flutter. The event will take place on 24. and 25. November 2020 each between 9 and 17 o’clock instead, for the workshop there are only a few free space.

To participate in the Flutter Workshop, a gonna browser or alternatively the desktop client of BigBlueButton, an account is not required. To ask questions and exchanges with the speaker or the other participants, a microphone or headset is needed.

Fundamentals and practice of app development with flutter

In addition to the necessary basics such as setting up the toolchain and the basics of app programming, Rodewig leads through the practice of app development with flutter and shows peculiarities and stumbling blocks from its viewing angle of the day-to-day practice. The programming language used for the flight programming is not a rough hurden and is treated in the workshop en passant.

While Apple and Google with Swiftui or Jetpack Compose trying to make the more modern frou on modern dining as complicated and expensive native development through the construction of declarative frameworks, has already established itself with Flutter a new quasi standard for hybrid mobile development. Flutter allows the developer to program hybrid, native and highly performant apps for iOS and Android. Fortunately, the development speed is flotting.

The number of participants limited to 15 people guarantees an effective and varied learning experience – safe and convenient in your work environment. The ticket costs 990 euros.

  • Online Workshop: Mobile apps with flutter – information and registration

Further Mac I workshops for developers are planned.

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