With cisco umbrella outsource the firewall into the cloud

With Cisco Umbrella outsource the firewall into the cloud

In the meantime, almost every covert company has a varied zoo on mobile devices and sets many cloud services of different cloud providers. However, the security architecture of this realitat often lags behind: a central firewall along with VPN access for users quickly stabs their limits here.

In the current IX 8/2020 Benjamin Pfister explains how companies can also move their protective mechanisms into the cloud. As an example, Umbrella serves from Cisco, but there are also comparable offers from Titanhq with the WebTitan Cloud and ZSCaler with the Internet Access.

Configure guidelines for access centrally

Umbrella conveys the requests between client and server, thus acts as a recursive DNS resolver. Based on the DNS requests Cisco reviews the security of the sought-after domains and allows or to prevent – depending on the previously configured guidelines – access.

For Windows and MacOS, there are a roaming client and a Roaming Security Module: The latter recognizes whether the system is in a VPN or trustwurried network and then can deactivate the former. But Umbrella can also be used without hanging clients – how, readers in the article.

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