With 38 video presenting the building iot to the professional at the internet of things

With 38 video presenting the Building IoT to the professional at the Internet of Things

Velveable forwards of Building IoT 2020 are now also available as a video packet for the price of 149.95 euros. It includes all 36 forwards and the two keynotes of the developer conference on Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. All lectures are aimed at developers who want to implement the new possibilities of networking into technical reality. The present contract is about practical topics such as edge computing, security, testing, microservices or UX and much more.

The Building IoT 2020 took place in the beginning of Marz in Essen, just before the Covid 19 pandemic took up this country. The organizers – these are heise developer, ix and the dot.publisher – With the compilation of all lectures as an online package offer a comprehensive view of the status quo of the present Internet of Things. An impression of the keynote lecture by Alexandra Schladebeck for the qualitary arance and role of testers in the IoT:

The present price for the overall package is to be understood as an entry-level price. From the 1. August it costs 199 euros. In addition, it consists of the possibility of buying a single proprusion of the event. There is a single lecture for 9.95 euros.

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