Wissmann: e-auto quote in china brings opportunities

Wissmann: e-auto quote in china brings opportunities

China’s tarpaulin for a fixed electric car quota from 2018 bring the German auto industry under prere. The industry sees in the corresponding market potential but also a rough chance. China MUSSE MUSTE FIRSTHEMBER E-MOBILITATE BEAUTIFUBER Importers staying, called VDA-Prassident Matthias Wissmann. "So, as we practice this in Germany with all manufacturers from home and abroad, we also expect this from the international partners," he said dpa. UNIGIG is a "discriminatory solution" for all providers of E vehicles.

For the youngest talks of Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) with China’s Minister for Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, there were good signals for equality. Doubt, whether German manufacturers in the midst of the debate about new battery factories and necessary billions of investment are supervised sufficiently many electro cars for China, Wissmann does not divide. "We now have 30 German series electric models, in the next time there are numerous more."Even for Europe, high sales forecasts are quite realistic. "We’ve thought that 2025 about 3 percent of the new vehicles sold in Europe have been electric cars. Today we hurt: it will be between 15 and 25 percent, "said the VDA boss.

Chinese providers like Geely / Lynx, who want to pair a car model for the first time with a direct offer for carsharing under individual private users, take one serious. "We are open for new competitors."But the developers in the companies of the German car industry were not allowed to decline:" Either we design the change at the top of the development or we will not keep our worldwide leading role in the automotive industry."Wissmann was on Friday (4.11.2016) for another two years to the top of the German industry association VDA has been chosen. Since mid-October 2016, he is also a prassident of the world automotive association OICA.

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