#Wirvsvirus: federal government plans to theest hackathon

#Wirvsvirus: Federal Government plans to theest Hackathon

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has demanded a total of 34 projects together with a total of 1.5 million euros in the detestation of the world-growing hackathon #wirvsvirus. This happened in the context of the so-called implementation program, which has come to an end. The ideas could thus be further developed as part of an existing demand for prototype maturity, the ministry now shared with. In total, during the Hackathon’s end Marz 147 had been prepared for concrete project ideas, it’s up to date.

Tens of thousands of trouble-free

At the 48-hour event had on the weekend of 20. Until 22. Marz several tens of thousand people participated. They dedicated to the search for technical but also analog solutions for the storage of the then a few weeks old corona crisis. For the results that have now been further developed, for example, a technique to invade the utilization of businesses, a platform for scientific exchange, a widget for websites for involving verified facts and a platform for explaining the pandemic for children. The developers and developers were not only financially, but also supported by advice. An overview and links to the projects are available at the Prototype Fund of the Research Ministry.

The Federal Government is now thrilled by the success of the project, State Minister Dorothee Bar, for example, speaks of one "Blueprint for a new form of democratic participation in the digital age". Chancellor’s chief helse brown looks in it "An impressive example of cooperation between civil society, business and state". In view of the success story, he also announced another hackathon, this time on the topic "’Data company and sustainability".

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