Winter tires are scarce

There are hardly any new winter tires in Germany. "The warehouse of the manufacturers are as good as sold out," said Peter Hulzer from the Federal Association of Tire Trading and Volcanoiser Crafts in Bonn (BVR) on Thursday the DPA theme service. Stop the winter weather in Germany until mid-December, it will be tight because of the expected unbroken demand for Winterpneus. "Then the camps are completely empty, and there is nothing going on, because the manufacturers now already produce summer tires."This winter there is an untypical demand boom due to the new regulation on the duty of winter, Hulzer explains the Run on the Pneus.

Nevertheless, he still sees good opportunities to get to new tires. Affected motorists "should turn to their handler in peace."But they had to expect delivery times of ten days and more. Special caution applies to this day of tire purchase: even the required by law, but not-protected "M + S" characters, which the Pneus identifies as a winter suitability, do not mean a qualitaire warranty. "I’ve already seen a summer tire with M + S sign," says Hulzer.

According to an association of the ADAC, the M + S sign will open Cheap Good "Tor and Tur". More suitable are tires if you also wear the snowflake icon. The quality of a tire is hard to determine for the lay. "He can not allow himself a real judgment," said Hubert Paulus from the ADAC technology center in Landsberg. It is best to orient the consumer at a striking tests of journals, the ADAC or the "Stiftung Warentest".

Also during assembly there are currently bottayers. Although the workshops had increased their capacitents, they came slowly to their limits, said tire expert Hulzer. Dates are just hard to get and waiting for over a week. For cars with summer tires means that they can not be on the stains until they are free or the vehicle rolls on winter tires.

Otherwise, a punishment threatens recently. The adopted winter tire may occur according to the Ministry of Transportation in these days. The new regulation takes one day after its publication in the Federal Law Sound. If you then get caught in winter weather and smooth straws with summer tires, you will pay 40 instead of 20 euros. The driver is concerned, not the holder. Disabilities in winter traffic due to inappropriate tires are punished with 80 euros and a point in Flensburg.

The Automobile Club Europa (ACE) also points out that motorists without winter tires do not simply pull snow chains on their summer tires. While this is theoretically allowed, the legal requirement for winter tires will not be filled with it, says Norbert Hartmann from the ACE.

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