Winter tip: startinhile by retrogram cable

Winter tip: startinhile by retrogram cable

Koln, 7. December 2010 – For minus degrees, the car battery must trade heavy. "Therefore, the cold start: radio, bombus, headlights, rear window and seat heating, so all additional power-eaters, off and before starting the clutch", Council Hans-Ulrich Sander of TUV Rheinland. To protect the battery, the energy consumers should also be used sparingly during the ride.

The right order

Once the battery fails the service, a transfer cable helps when starting, but in the application, however, a certain order must be observed: In the idle state, the red cable with the plus poles of the donor batteries and the unloaded battery connect. Then connect the black cable to the minus pole of the full battery, then clamp the second end on a metal part as the engine block of the breakdown vehicle. Now the helper let the engine of his car and gives gently gas. Then start the own, lying remaining car. Finally, the cables are separated again, but in reverse order – only black, then red.

Clean engine compartment avoids discharge

To avoid startup problems nor a tip: a clean engine compartment protects against a self-discharge of the battery. Because by damp dirt dropped creepers that discharge the battery. Therefore always take a look into the engine compartment and clean if necessary. In addition, helpful: fully synthetic, dark-circular motorsole according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. They are distributed faster in the machine and make the engine easier after a frosty night.

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