Winter dry rub

Winter dry rub

Schwabisch Hall, 10. November 2008 – just before the winter starts correctly, the Behr Hella Service GmbH points out that air conditioners can also have their benefits in the cold season. What sounds nonsensical for some first, has a simple reason: When air conditioning is switched on, not only the air is abducted, but also withdrawing moisture. The spreading and typical situation that one has to fight in the grubby flat country winter on the first kilometers with fogged slices, one can counteract it effectively.

Automatically dry slice
Who has a climate control, gets this problem removed, unless he deliberately switches off this in winter to save energy. Many heating controls automatically switch to the climate compressor at least in the DEFROST position, so that the damp slice is dried quickly from dry air if possible. Thereafter, however, the climate compressor rests again, without having to go as a driver about lizards. If you have a modern climate control in your vehicle, you can actually leave yourself and drive well. It does not have to flare too much more consumption, because in the cold season, it consumes only in the Defrost phase additional energy, which is always better than wasting with hopeless warm-running fuel. Incidentally, the already does not apply to temperatures below about 4 ° C. Approximately under this critical temperature, climacy compressors get work ban, because the air conditioner could otherwise wear damage.

Handmade in simple air conditioning
Someworthy, it looks like manual air conditioning systems, where distinguished here must be between capped climate controls such as the Climatic of Volkswagen and those with unregulated compressor. The climatic is technically different from the automatically controlled Climatronic only, it is basically a closed automatic climate control. Again, the energy consumption from the Kuhlbedarf depends, this is not the case with many other manual systems. They cow basic with full power – and thus it is not too cold for the ears, you have to mix hot air again. This is basically absurd and to be responsible with one crucial reason why air conditioners adheres reputation for ubermabigen consumption. Still, even with their use in the winter is temporarily useful for fog to get going once.

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