Windows terminal now with settings gui

Windows Terminal now with Settings GUI

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.7 is now available as a stable release, the build version of 1.8 as a preview. New is in version 1.7, among other things, a user interface can customize with the user settings. You can see the Settings button or enter CTRL +, one. Who preferred for the others of JSON settings, can continue to use this. There is an opt-in single-instancing and the Window Remote Control: A command is now available in the active window Uber WT -W0 exports.

Version 1.8 Allows you to identify for better identify individual terminal windows, either via the command line or via the command palette. Microsoft provides the action IdentifyWindow for that. Furthermore, the function for duplicating tabs has been included in the context menu. To open a profile in a new window, Keep User Shift and click on the profile in the drop-down menu. Both version also contain many improvements and bugfixes.

Windows Terminal can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or Github. The software is Open Source and for users of command-line tools and shells. Information about the releases provides Github and the Microsoft Developer Blog.

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