Wikimedia boss kicks back

Wikimedia boss kicks back

Shortly after the 20. Wikipedia’s birthday gives Katherine Maher unexpectedly the wikimedia Foundation. That’s the American announced on Thursday. The Wikimedia Foundation operates the online encyclopadia Wikipedia and numerous sister projects. Already in April Maher might settle their office. She has again brought the foundation to growth for growth after a difficult transition phase.

In 2016, Katherine Maher boss of the Wikimedia Foundation was taken to influence the process of purple Treikov in the dispute. Maher did it manage to re-steer the work within the foundation in orderly trains and promote the development of the organization. In doing so, the manager has emphasized to integrate highly underrupted groups such as women or Wikipedians in developing courses.

Meanwhile, about 450 employees for the foundation work. The donation-financed budget amounts to $ 100 million. On Twitter Maher draws a positive balance of its term. The readership has increased by 30 percent, the authorship by 36 percent. In her farewell letter she emphasizes the strong organization: "We are healthy and thrive", writes Maher.

Succession wanted

Succession must still be clarified – while a lengthy task for the Community US Foundation, which is located at the San Francisco site in the Personnel Competition with billions-heavy corporations. Already coming week Maher liked to take back from the day’s business. A commission is commissioned with the replacement of the body.

Meanwhile, the association Wikimedia Germany, based in Berlin, is also looking for a new lead: the business executive board of Abraham Taherivand wants to leave the club with the expiration of his contract in January 2022, for the meanwhile 150 employees work. Applications already accepts Wikimedia Germany.

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