When are children allowed to sit in the front seat of a car?? The legal situation

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In short& Short: When is a child allowed to sit in the front seat of a car??

Children are generally allowed to sit in the front of the car. However, if they have not yet reached the age of twelve or are smaller than 150 cm, a child seat is mandatory in order to maintain road safety.

The child seat obligation is waived as soon as the child either turns twelve or reaches a height of 150 cm. However, a safety belt must still be worn even then. Finally, the seat belt requirement extends to all occupants of a vehicle – regardless of factors such as size or age.

Failure to ensure that one or more children are adequately secured while driving can result in a fine of between €30 and €70. Points in Flensburg are also possible. Detailed information on the penalties from the catalog of fines can be found in this table.

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Is the front passenger seat taboo for children?

Contents of this guide

From when is it allowed to sit in the front of the car?

When is it allowed to sit in the front of a car??

Usually Children during the car ride to the back seat of the vehicle shipped. This is due on the one hand to the fact that there are simply no seat belts in the rear more storage space for toys, cuddly toys and co. is present, on the other hand the rear seats but also as safer.

However, as the view from the front passenger seat is much better, the little ones will sooner or later prefer to sit there. But from when are children allowed to sit in the front? Does the Age a role or does it ultimately only depend on the height to? And how long are parents or legal guardians obliged to protect their Offspring in the car in a child seat to be placed? The following guide provides answers to these questions.

From when is it allowed to sit in the front of the car?

Even if above all seats in the rear right or in the middle as particularly safe does not automatically mean that parents are legally obligated to drive their children to school? Placing offspring there as well. But from when is a child allowed to sit in the front of a car? The answer to this may surprise some drivers: provided they are adequately restrained, children are allowed Children always in the front passenger seat ride along.

In this case neither the age nor the size of the offspring of concern. These factors only come into play when it comes to the mentioned fuse it goes. But from when are children allowed to sit in the front without a child seat? § Section 21 (1a) sentence 1 of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) states the following with regard to the legally required child seat:

Children up to the age of 12. Children under the age of 150 cm may only be carried in motor vehicles on seats for which seat belts are prescribed if child restraint systems are used which meet the […] requirements and are suitable for the child.”

This results inIn general Children in a child seat can sit in the front without any problems, without a child seat, this is only permitted when the child is in the front seat either reached a height of 150 cm or completed the twelfth year of life – depending on what happens first. However, even if a child has already celebrated his twelfth birthday, but does not yet measure 150 cm, it is advisable, furthermore a child seat to use. Finally the Seat belt not (yet) correct in this case and may therefore offer less safety.

When the child sits in the front: Important precautions

When is a child allowed to sit in the front seat? With a booster seat earlier than without

When can a child sit in the front seat?? With a booster seat earlier than without.

The answer to the question: “From when are children allowed to sit in the front?” would be thereby sufficiently clarified. Nevertheless you should certain points consider, when your offspring in the front passenger seat let the child sit in the front. It is true that, for example, a 4-year-old child to sit in the front of the car, to be able to ride there safely, however, you do not have to various precautions meet.

These sometimes according to the child seat chosen:

  • If it is a rear-facing child seat, must always use the deactivate passenger airbag.
  • If the airbag is deployed as a result of an accident, it could eventually press so hard against the child seat that the child could be injured injured or, in the worst case, killed.
  • If it is not possible to deactivate the front passenger airbag, you should do not put a child seat in the front that is rear-facing.
  • Is the Child seat facing forward, you may usually install it on the front passenger seat, but the seat should then be pushed as far back as possible so that the child does not sit too close to the airbag.

From when are children allowed to sit in the front of the car? Summary

At this point we have again clearly summarized, from when your Child in the passenger seat seat may take:

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