Wheel alignment

Your car behaves unfamiliar in the curves? The steering has play or no longer holds the track? We measure the toe and camber of your vehicle with a state-of-the-art electronic wheel aligner. We recognize broken shock absorbers and can adjust the axle geometry again perfectly.


We ensure your safety in dangerous situations.

In case of emergency airbags save lives. We check whether the airbags of your car are functional and replace defective airbags.

Trailer repair

Your trailer is defective must be repaired or needs maintenance? Also for the HU-preparation or the removal and rebuilding you with us exactly correct.

We check your trailer thoroughly during the inspection and repair it if necessary before the next general inspection.
From many years of experience, we know what the inspectors of TuV, DEKRA and other inspection organizations attach importance to. These are

  • Brakes and safety lines
  • Lights and headlights
  • Frame
  • Fender
  • Tires

Of course we install only spare parts of original equipment quality.

In cooperation with an authorized testing organization we perform all relevant examinations such as HU, SP and UVV.


A fully functional exhaust system is important in many respects! It is a guarantee that you can use the full power of your car and optimizes fuel consumption. An intact system also reduces noise and pollutant emissions and thus relieves the environment.

With a defective exhaust system your vehicle can lose its operating license.

Therefore, have your exhaust system checked regularly. Our workshop will be happy to advise you!

Car hifi

Crystal clear sound or powerful bass – you can also enjoy a top sound in your car.

Our HiFi specialists exchange your car radio or betaten you to complete systems with:

  • Final stages
    with high efficiency from Hifonics, Hertz, Audison, Rockford Fosgate and other manufacturers
  • Loudspeaker
    as two-way components from JBL, Focal, Eton, JL Audio, Bowers, Alpine, Pioneer or Mohawk
  • Subwoofer
    whether active or passive from Isotec, JBL, MTX, Eton, Kenwood, Digital Designs, American Bass
  • Radios and multimedia systems

Car glass repair

Professional stone chip repair with the most modern procedures – many insurance companies waive the deductible for you!

We replace your front, side or rear window in OEM quality.

Battery service

Your car does not start anymore? Especially in cold temperatures the performance of every car battery decreases and discharges faster.

Our service checks the charging voltage and charging current and can change or briefly charge the car battery so that your car is ready to start at any time.


A well-functioning brake system is of utmost importance for your safety!

So that you can rely on your brakes in all situations, we check the complete brake system. Also when changing the brakes or replacing the brake fluid, we rely on spare parts in OEM quality from leading brand manufacturers, as we do for brake discs and brake pads.

Automotive electrics/electronics

We check all important components of your vehicle such as battery, lighting, alternator and electrically controlled injection system.

Spare parts in OEM quality

You trust in quality in your workshop – also with the spare parts which are installed. We rely on the first brands and use spare parts in original equipment quality. We carry out maintenance and inspection according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Chassis service

We check all important components of the chassis and the steering for a safe road grip.

Vehicle reconditioning

Professional car care and vehicle preparation with long-term protection down to the last detail are among our special services. Because: It all depends on the care!

Pick-up and delivery service

Your vehicle urgently needs to go to the workshop, but you don’t have the time?

We will gladly pick up your vehicle and return it to you after the repair or inspection has been completed. With our pick-up and drop-off service, you have unlimited flexibility and mobility. Call us and make an appointment!

General inspection (with integrated AU) in cooperation with authorized testing organizations

The legally prescribed examinations are carried out in cooperation with an authorized testing organization.

Register your vehicle, we will do the rest. Of course, we will also provide you with your environmental badge!


We carry out a professional inspection of your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For new and young vehicles, your manufacturer’s warranty remains intact.

Our trained specialists use only original equipment quality spare parts from leading brand manufacturers for the inspection. Because these stand for quality and safety.

Body and paint work

If your car has a scratch or a dent?

We remove scratches in the paintwork or dents in the bodywork quickly, carefully and cost-effectively.

Body alignment stand

You had a serious accident or bad luck during towing?

If the body of your car is warped, our body shop will bring the vehicle back to its original condition. We offer highest repair quality, full warranty and fair prices.

Air conditioning service

Regular inspection of the air conditioning system ensures that all components are in perfect working order. This protects against expensive subsequent repairs. Because a lack of refrigerant can lead to costly compressor damage. Too little refrigerant also increases fuel consumption, as the compressor has to operate more often and for longer periods to cool the passenger compartment.

Therefore, have the air conditioning system checked at least once a year.

Take advantage of the air-conditioning expertise of our workshop! We check the tightness, system pressures and cooling capacity of the vehicle air conditioning system.

Ask our team for a climate check!


The clutch is a wearing part. As a rule, it only becomes noticeable after several years.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, the clutch is checked by our service team on request. If it is already defective, we repair the damage or replace the clutch. Of course, we only install spare parts in OEM quality.

Multi-brand workshop

As a multi-brand workshop, we have access to all technical information, no matter what make and model you drive. We carry out maintenance and inspections with modern diagnostic equipment in accordance with manufacturer specifications – you can rely on us to do so.

Mobility guarantee

With our mobility guarantee, you remain mobile throughout Europe even in the event of a breakdown or accident! The list of services you are entitled to with our mobility guarantee includes:

  • On-site breakdown and accident assistance
  • Towing and recovery of your vehicle
  • Onward and return travel
  • Hotel and travel expenses covered
  • Return transport including medical mediation

Engine diagnosis

The technology and electronics of modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex.

We have the latest technical information, the most modern and high-quality testing technology and are technically up to date through ongoing training.

Navigation systems

Getting lost in the big city or in the countryside is not only annoying, but above all costs time and money. That is why more and more drivers take advantage of a navigation system.

We install and repair mobile or fixed navigation devices of well-known manufacturers.

New and used cars

Are you looking for your dream car?

We offer a wide range of used, annual and new cars. Come by and we will find the right vehicle for you.

Oil service

Regular oil changes ensure a long engine life.

We use only oils of leading brand manufacturers as well as filters in original equipment quality.

Wheels and tires

To ensure that you are always safe on the road and optimally equipped, we change your seasonal tires according to the time of year.

Tires are your direct contact with the road and crucial for safety! We check condition and tread depth and advise on the selection of new tires.

Tire storage

Store your car tires easily and conveniently with us.

Do you have no space in the basement and garage or do you want to save yourself the hassle of hauling the wheels in spring and autumn??

No problem. For a small fee we provide professional tire storage under optimal conditions. Of course we also change the tires.

Parking heater

Retrofit parking heater – no more ice scraping! Retrofit a parking heater now and enjoy the big plus in comfort next winter.

Shock absorber

Defective shock absorbers are a safety risk, so they should be replaced every 20 years.000 kilometers can be inspected.

We are happy to check the shock absorbers for proper functioning and, if necessary, replace defective parts with spare parts in original equipment quality from leading brand manufacturers.

Transporter service

As a specialist for vans up to 7.5 tons gross vehicle weight we take care of your vehicle competently.

If you have questions about maintenance and repair of vans, just contact us.

Turbocharger service

A technically demanding product such as the turbocharger belongs in expert hands.

We check whether your car’s turbocharger is working properly, repair or replace damaged turbochargers quickly and professionally.

Accident repair

Accident? Scratches in the bumper?

We are there for you – from the removal of the accident vehicle to the professional repair and painting. Reliable, fast and uncomplicated!

Workshop replacement van

Stay mobile without time and appointment stress!

So that you can complete your appointments without any stress, we provide you with a workshop replacement car while your vehicle is being repaired or serviced.

Motorhome service

We offer repair, service and customer service for your motorhome in our modern equipped repair shop.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will assist you with all technical problems using modern diagnostic and assembly equipment.

Caravan service

Top service for your caravan!

So that you can really enjoy your camping vacation.

Job advertisement

Job advertisement


Is your vehicle due for inspection? We can carry out inspections for almost all vehicles in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
” more

We perform the main inspection (with integrated AU) in cooperation with an authorized testing organization.
” more

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Customer magazine

The new “motus” is here.

Get your customer magazine of AC AUTO CHECK now in the workshop of your confidence.


at AC AUTO CHECK Yer& Yildiz GmbH in Hamburg!

In our automotive workshop we write SERVICE in capital letters. In addition to repair and painting as well as inspection, general inspection (with integrated AU)* and tire service, we also offer a whole range of other services.

We discuss all necessary work with you personally in advance. Our trained team aims to offer you and your car the best: fast, professional, individual service for all vehicle brands at absolutely fair prices!

Your AC AUTO CHECK company Yer& Yildiz GmbH.

* in cooperation with authorized testing organizations

Service tips

A rubber layer in the tire seals a puncture as it occurs. Image: Contiseal

Flat tire? There is probably nothing more annoying than. There are tires that can repair themselves. Cool.

Signs describe the maximum parking time and the use of the parking disc. Image: SP-X

Leaving the car in a supermarket square for a long time can be expensive fun. At least when their signs for maximum parking time…

Award for quality and service in the automotive workshop Yer& Yildiz GmbH in Hamburg


In order for a customer to remain loyal to his garage, it is not only a matter of flawless performance, but also of customer-oriented service. In both areas your AC AUTO CHECK workshop Yer& Yildiz GmbH successfully passed the workshop test conducted by TuV Sud. “We and our workshop team do not see the tests as a control instrument, but as a means of quality improvement and motivation. We want to offer every customer impeccable service and measure ourselves against this quality promise”, say Huseyin Yer and Ayhan Yildiz , managing directors of the Yer& car repair shop Yildiz Ltd. ÜConvince yourself of our service!

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