Wednesday: dreamliner stop, stadia-schub, book rescue, fracking spotify-bann

Wednesday: Dreamliner Stop, Stadia Schub, Book Rescue, Fracking  Amp; Spotify spell

During Boeing the production of its 787 coarse plane "Dreamliner" Due to the newly found deficiency, Google, Google lowers its sales sharing of the cloud gaming service Stadia, so game companies can earn more. On the other hand, the Internet Archive saves 600.000 Bucher from New Zealand in front of the trash. Cheap natural gas should create many jobs in the US, but most have disappeared again.

Disappeared from Spotify are a number of users, because they were locked out because they have cut music with audials. The goods may also be a case for Esther Dyson, but the camphor for a free internet, journalist and investor today becomes 70 years today than – the most important news in the short overview.

Deficiency in construction Boeing-Jets 787 ("Dreamliner"To) Has the US aviation security faece discovered FAA. Although "No immediate threat for flying safety" First, Boeing will help to remedy before the planes are delivered, said the FAA on Monday. On Tuesday Boeing had to confirm that. New problems with Boeings Dreamliner 787 stops production again.

Google does not stop his cloud gaming service, but wants Stadia with a series of macers for game developers and publishers attractive do. The sales participation decreases from October to 15 percent. At the same time Google Stadia developers gives a big part of subscription revenue. An affiliate program comes with Google Stadia’s clicks that generate new subscribers. Google Stadia lures the game companies with reduced transactions.

No problem was no problem for the New Zealandic National Library, But lack of space. Should therefore 600.000 rarely used works predominantly sorted out of the second half of the 1960s, but that Internet archive is jumped. The mostly referenced books are scanned in the Philippines and embedded in the USA. The Internet Archive rescues 600.000 Bucher from New Zealand and the digital versions will be freely accessible worldwide.

All regions in the US should be saved through new jobs as Fracking in recent years there one massive boom experienced. Hundreds of thousands of work should be created when shooting shale gas and oil, if not millions. But in Pennsylvania and in the neighboring states like Ohio created much less workplaces than expected – and many have now disappeared. We illuminate what remained cheap natural gas from the climate-damaging US fracking boom.

Cheap and quickly download music, however, wanted several Spotify members, but their accounts were locked, After you have the quick recording mode of the recording application Audials used. Corresponding reports In the forum of the software, an employee of the Karlsruhe company has now been confirmed and warns of use now. Who with audials at Spotify, will transmit, will be locked out.

Lock up Esther Dyson not. She becomes a network guru, First Lady of the Internet, Libertare Capitalist, Digerati, even "Radiator without land, soil and time" And now also called Mother Teresa of Good Life. She itself simply sees itself as an entrepreneur and investor, but she also has himself as Camphor for a free internet and publisher. Today Esther Dyson is 70 years old.

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