Webcam compatible lidar depth picture camera for maker

Webcam compatible lidar depth picture camera for maker

The Lidar principle (English for "Light Detection and Ranging") Does often find application when robots or autonomous vehicles must be oriented in the nearer environment. High quality vacuum cleaner robots are, for example, a popular application – here the environment is usually sampled with a rotating laser steel. Classic Lidar scanner measure the flight time of the emitted and reflected laser light pulses. "Time of Flight"To).

Webcam compatible lidar depth picture camera for maker

The example program represents the depth information of the Onion Tau as a false color image and as a point cloud.

In the meantime, but also sensors on the market that can do without lasers and instead the flight time of the reflected light flash can be grasped flat – such a thing is installed, for example, in the luxury version of the iPhone 12. With the ONION Tau Lidar camera, there is now a reasonably priced (179 US $ $ 179) to come to depth pictures.

The ONION TAU provides a resolution of the distance map of 160 × 60 pixels and a frame rate of 30 fps; The distance picture can be overlapped for orientation a grayscale image with the same resolution. It detects object in the range 10cm to 4.5m distance. The necessity of the depth image is completely independent of the ambient light.

For integration in own projects, a comprehensive Python library is available; The developers emphasize that the camera looks like a webcam and therefore the programming effort is limited in limits. The crowdfunding project has already reached its financing goal; The delivery should begin at the end of May 2021.

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