We are developers! – the magazine for young developing talents starts through

WE ARE DEVELOPERS! - The magazine for young developing talents starts through

The magazine "We are developers!" Was started in the fall of 2020 as a pilot project, from now on it should be regularly appeared in the early year and autumn as C’t and IX supplement. It offers Young Professionals a bean for first specialist articles in Print and is based on the online article series "Young Professionals" from heise developer. The authors receive accompanying mentoring from the Developer’s editorial team while writing.

Cloud Bursing, Hibernate Search, Vite.JS and BDD

The authors of the Year’s ie give insight into their partly partially operated projects and let the readership participate in their experiences as a career entity, of which even decision makers can benefit in companies. Main topics are among other things:

  • JavaScript: The Build Tool Vite.JS as a fleet alternative to webpack
  • Cloud Bursing: Load fluctuations with the hybrid cloud cushion
  • System change: Restart as Developer – Company attract lateral entrants
  • Hibernate Search: Spring boot applications to extend a full-text search
  • Behavior-Driven Development: A Practice report on BDD

Young Professionals write for young professionals

Cooperation partner is the IT job platform WearedEvelopers from Vienna, involved in the heise, and whose authors contribute this time to a contribution to the specifiable deficiency in the MINT experts. The drive planned for autumn is intended to provide an ethics focus on KI and responsible software development. Young Professionals, who are addressed by these topics and the format of the magazine, are cordially invited to apply to the editorial as author.

Free download

The early year is received IX subscribers on the 27. May with the ie 6/2021, C’t subscribers you already have on 22/2021 on 22. May receive. Alternatively, readers of IX and Heise Developer can be downloaded in the IX download area free of charge.

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