Vw assigns ratio to his handlers

Vw assigns ratio to his handlers

The car division of VW rally at the end of the first quarter of 2018 the craft tribosition. Sector Car operation (Online edition of today, 10. October 17), Distributor Jurgen Stackmann shared this decision in Munchen last Friday.

With this step, the Group can offer handlers with which he could continue to work together to offer to new terms. This is intended to put together cooperation between Group and trade on a new basis. Taking into account the naturally period, the old contracts run out in the first quarter of 2020.

The new service should build on the so-called Future Sales Model, which according to Volkswagen is an "integrative, collaborative and consistently customer-oriented future solution". An essential point is the shortening of the trade margin by one percent. In return, the partners received a significant cost relief through slimmer processes and lowering standards. In addition, tempers, bonuses and margins should focus strongly on sales performance to create incentives. Additional agreements should also enable digital services and provide a "new yield field".

Most recently, a few weeks ago because of the exhaust gas fraud had come to loud disturbances between Volkswagen and the Handler Association.

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