Volkswagen also thinks about cheap cars for sud america

Volkswagen’s planned games for a new budget brand could also emphasize the growth-bearing car market Brazil after consultation of works council Bernd Osterloh. "With such a car we were not just going to East Asia", he said in the conversation with the German Press Agency with regard to the last brain sales development in the Sud American country. "If you can sell it in a specific region, an entry-level model could also be interesting elsewhere."

Europe’s coarser car manufacturer is still relatively weak in the ASEAN countries. "The discussion about that we need a ‘low-budget-car’ we drove for some time. You can quite go into such land with simpler technology and a vehicle below the up – maybe with a SEAT or ŠKODA", said Osterloh.

The Group offers its own version of the previous VW minimodell for the growing middle class in rural areas, Osterloh for unlikely: "With a car like the up itself, its special engines and suspensions it was difficult to be difficult if the car does not match the existing infrastructure. Then well fit models like our pickup amarok." VW Brazil boss Thomas Schmall holds the micro segment under the VW Polo currently for the most promising in the giant market.

Osterloh memorized, the group must also take the surrounding Landers stronger. "Sudamerica is more than just Brazil. There we are really strong. But we also have to look: what can be done in Argentina, in Chile, Colombia, in Venezuela?" This is all the more because the competitive prere in Brazil are increasing. From the beginning of 2011 leading car trade in Europe, the Salzburg Porsche Holding, the works council hopes for "The unique chance to compete together in even more market".

The chronically deprecated Spanish VW subsidiary SEAT also detected after Osterlohs in the Latin American marketplace potential. First, for Seat, however, it applies to the problems in front of your own home tour: "You have to watch that you will stabilize yourself in Europe – Spain and Western Europe are home markets. It is important to investigate: What opportunities in which regions are there in addition?"

Central for the views in Sudamerika remain beside Argentina but Brazil, Osterloh said – also because the connections to VW since the first foreign work of Anchieta at the end of the 50s are so tight. The mirror reflected in the ratio of the workforce. From the experiences of the Brazilian colleagues, the World Group Management Council also benefit from the collective bargaining in the Curitiba plant or the further utilization of the locations. (Jan-Henrik Petermann, DPA)

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