Vodafone: massive disturbance in the mobile network

Vodafone: massive disturbance in the mobile network

The mobile network of Vodafone currently has to fight with massive disturbances: thousands of users reports of failure, including in the editorial office of our site, several people are affected. Vodafone has confirmed the problem on Twitter. According to the post office, the 2G, 3G and 4G networks are affected. Man working intensively on a solution.

Meanwhile, several users have reported on Twitter that they can access their Vodafone network again. In the meantime, our site was able to receive data on 3G on a test apparatus with Vodafone contract, but the page structure failed. Currently, our site can no longer access the Vodafone network.

From 13:50 had more than 100 within a few minutes.000 affected on the platform allieties.DE to speak. The disturbances in the Vodafone network relate to Germany according to Germany. A Vodafone spokesman has confirmed that the mistakes with more than 100.000 customers occur. While the Vodafone mobile network is not accessible, the cable network seems to function problem-free.

Background of the Storung has not yet announced Vodafone. The trap seems "to affect a coarse area", Writes a company social media employee of the company only on Twitter. Still is unclear when the problem is resolved. A demand from our site has not answered Vodafone directly.

Update 19:15 clock: Since the late afternoon, the situation seems to relax slowly. The cause of the disruption was the "Failure of a central control element for the locations in Munchen, Frankfurt / Main and Berlin", How Vodafone announced on Monday night. over 100.000 customers are affected. You could not enter the net and do not build data connections. Since 17 o’clock the network traffic has been normalize.

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