Viticulture 4.0: smart tractor controls self-standing by vineyards

Viticulture 4.0: Schlauer Towers controls self-standing by vineyards

Still a man sits at the wheel of the tractor, but his hands can confidently hold in the high: the intelligent machine should control the self-standing by the Frankish vineyards. Quasi as a taste of the future, the Bayerische Landesanstalt Fur Weitbau and Hortbau (LWG) present the tractor today.

With laser technology through the rows

The semi-autonomous machine becomes winemakers and fruit builders at their work "significantly relieve", Daniel Hebdorfer said from the Institute for Viticulture and Oenology (IWO) of the LWG in the run-up to the presentation at the Scharlachberg in Thunhersheim (Landkreis Wurzburg).

The clever tractor is equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology: a laser scanner in the front area makes the ride 3D images from the vineyards and sends the signals to the steering control of the tractor. "The steering now makes the system, the speed control of the tractors." That’s less abusive for the workers who have had to control the tractor and the devices so far.

Autonomous agricultural gates are all resorts in development and on the rise. This is evident at fairs like the Agritechnica again and again.

Modular system for winegrowing

On the tractor are also so-called "Growing" Fixed, which also works autonomously: You can come close to the vine and can handle much of the ink – without damaging the stick. Because so far, it always happens that a device remains on the sticking. "Then wounds and a stick can be broken", explained Hebdorfer.

The experts of the LWG survive new techniques and have the machine of Braun Maschinenbau "Heart and kidneys" Tested, said speaker Marco Drechsel said. Even under real conditions, that also means in the steep positions and on odd because. The new tractor works herbicidal, so without glyphoysat – as the Landesanstalt has pretended since 2015.

Not in the strain traffic

"Of course, many such agricultural machines are increasingly reminiscent of an airplane cockpit with numerous switches", said droll. Computer experts have to be winemaker but not to use the device. However, an affinity to technology is quite advantage, because then one can save the elaborate manual work.

The man must only be sitting by law at the wheel. The turn of the vehicle in the vineyards leads via legal reason and there is the strain traffic regulations – autonomous driving is still prohibited there.

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