Video course: java made easy

In this video course, Lectent Christian Gesty gives beginners the basics of Java and object-oriented programming. Also the topics Collection Framework and JavaFX are part of the course. Exercise tasks and associated solutions as well as short quiz queries for the learned help to consolidate the knowledge. The course is aimed at all programming newcomers who want to lay the foundation for a well-founded knowledge in the field of programming with Java.

The 34-hour video course from Udemy will be available until Wednesday, the 23. June 2021 for 18.99 euros (instead of 169.99 euros): Java made easy – the comprehensive Java beginner course A-Z

(Source: Christian Gesty)

The coach: Christian Gesty

During his mechatronics studies, Christian Gesty had first touch points with Java. In intensive self-study, he deepened his knowledge and began in parallel to give video courses around the topic programming. Meanwhile, the expert is a self-employed entrepreneur tatig.

Course content (selection)

  • Understand and apply the programming language Java
  • Working with the program Eclipse
  • Understand what object-oriented programming is: classes, objects, abstract classes, interface, inheritance, association, modifiers and much more
  • Learn everything about Arraylist, Treeset and HashMap and many more classes
  • How does the Collection Framework work?
  • Importation in JavaFX
  • From the console to the first program – development of a program with surfaces

target group

  • All who want to program want to learn and start with Java
  • Who wanted to learn and understand Java
  • All who liked Java programming as a preparation for the programming of Android apps
  • Schuler who likes to learn Java, computer science as a school compartment or can be used well as preparation for internships
  • IT students who need Java for their conversions
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