Usa: trump sets awarding of work visas

USA: Trump sets awarding of work visas

Using the consequences of the Corona crisis, US Prassident Donald Trump has arranged that certain work visas will no longer be ied by the end of the year. Meeting was allowed this suspension of the so-called H-1B and L-1 visa, above all, the tech industry, which had already turned to the rights of entries of the entry requirements. H-1B visas are used mainly for qualified professionals, the L-1 visa for managers and professionals who change the company internally from workplaces outside the USA.

Hundreds of thousands of work for Americans

As the news agency Reuters reported, a government official explained, with the step 525.000 workstations for US burger cleared. How the government comes to this number, but not explained. An analyst explained the news agency, she passes the number of foreign workfores, which now did not enter 219.000. Sarah Pierce from Migration Policy Institutes thought that the government understation, US companies were not first looking for the US labor market before they were elections complicated Visa-Way.

Reuters quoted numbers, according to those who have been approved in the past year most H-1B visa for employees from Amazon and Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Apple and Intel also to the very broad-represented companies.

After Trump’s takeover, there had been fierce conflicts around the work visas in 2017. Trump had previously announced in the election campaign to limit the immigration. Critics designate the now ended step as an attempt to use the corona crisis as a pretext to simulate in this question, as Reuters quoted. So the actual consequences of the arrangement were allowed to be limited, because US consulates are closed worldwide for visa affairs. Companies and the US Chamber of Commerce also explained that the step became the economic recovery.

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